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During November 2007 we cleared our, dusted and re-arranged both our Transformers Cupboards as well as making a new Transformers display cabinet (Jackport II) to replace a slightly smaller one. Here you can find images of our collection.

Pictures 1 to 8 show the toys on Steve's shelf. All the Armada, RID, and Energon toys have smaller figures (Basic and Deluxe) in with the figures who's boxes they are. This is simply to save space as we have no-where else to put them. At time of publication we do not have a list of who is actually on the shelf. Highlights included SDCC Rodimus and e-Hobby Exclusive Black Convoy (Binaltech) .. and Lenny from Toy Story II.

Picture 9 is a shelf next to Steve's shelf, by a window. It has no Transformers toys but our Insecticon statues, by Hard Heroes. There are anime figures and a Jetfire painted Macross model.

Picture 10 are toys which stay behind a door. Here you'll find the BotCon 2007 boxset, Collectors Club Airazor and our Super Generation Two Combaticon giftset.

Picures 11 to 17 are our main Transformers cupboard, called Cyber City II, it holds over 700 Transformers toys, from Pre-G1 to Animated as well as unreleased figures and prototypes. There are 7 shelfs, it's 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 6 feet high. We recently grouped all the toys by toyline and have a full list of who is on what shelf

Picture 18 to 21 are of our smaller cupboard called The Tinted Tower (due to the tinted glass). It holds around 190 Transformers, we have a full list and was recently sorted out to group toys by toyline. The bottom shelf is G1 and larger figures, shelf 2 consis of Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Machines and Japanese Exclusive Beast Wars. Shelf 3 is original Beast Wars whilst shelf 4 contains Transmetals, Transmetal IIs and Fuzors.

Pictures 22 to 27 are of the newley made Jackport II. It sits above the door featued in image 10 and is 6 inches deep. Dave designed this himself and made it, with help from our father, in August. Like all of our cabinets, they are hand made by our family and designed by us. There were 100 toys in here before we added some SCFs, Worlds Smallest Transformers and Action Masters ... every Action Master, so there are probably between 160-200 toys in this small space. It's cramped, but we have no-where else to put them.

Pictures 28 to 32 are of a thin display cabinet we call The Space Bridge. It sits over a window above the Tinted Tower and joins Jackport (which is next to Steve's shelf) to the DVD sheld and what we call Jenny's shelf (which is near our sisters room). This cabinet holds a variety of SCF figures, all out Chase figures, all the seakers and some regular toys, as well as our Myclone collection (not complete). We have lots of 'bugs' on top as well, as I like them.

Picture 33 is of our MOTU2000 shelf, where all our He-Man figures from the recent line are kept. There are two statues in there as well. We have all of the chase convention figures other than Keldor. The Japanese version of Armada Sideswipe, Cha, is also on this shelf in it's box. It's there purely as it fitted.

Picture 34 shows where we keep 1/3 of our larger Lucky Draw toys as well as our Chrome Silver Optimus Prime and both Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus. That's one expensive pile of toys.

Picture 35 shows our Stack-n-Store boxes full of Action Master and Micromaster vehciles, lots of testshots and lunchtimes and a few McDonalds toys. There is a small wooden toybox - over 20 years old, full of toys, but I can't remember what is in there, only that they aren't Transformers. To the far left in bubble warp if Generation Two Groove, awaiting a proper place to put it. The bottom is part of a large Golly (Golliwogg) toy, as we own around 50 of them (cause we like them too and have owned some since we were 1).

Picture 36 shows the second third of the Lucky Draw collection along with the Big Powered Giftset (Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber and Roadfire. It's too large to keep out annoyingly. Under the toys is a small suitcase full of vintage He-Man figures (missing only about 3 characters) and under that is another stack-n-store box with just over 200 GI-Joe toys. Near to this are the other large Lucky Draw toys.

Picture 37 is next to the Tinted Tower. Here we have Brave Max (which was due to be swapped with Fort Max and Grand Max on a regular occasion. No it's never actually happened since we put the two Max's out the way. On top is Armada Unicron (with every Armada Minicon we own, which didn't come with a larger figure. On top of them are Movie Megatron, Prime and Nightwatch Prime, all of which have Real Gear toys and some Deluxe figures. Alternator Smokescreen and Silverstreak were moved here recently due to us buying other Alternators which took there place on the Alernator shelf (Steve's shelf). Oh I' never made the A-Team van model, I bough it in 2003 I think. Now we have the UK 20th Anni Prime sitting infront of Brave Max

Picture 38 is what I referred to as "Jenny's Shelf". It fits between The Spacebridge and the MOTU Shelf and is above Brave Max. I have a list of toys on here, most are exactly what the boxes say, I don't think we'd "double packed" anyone here. There is a mixture of toys, G1, Armada, Energon, Car Robots, Beast Wars Neo, BotCon.

Picture 39 to 41 are the toys next to Cyber City II, about 1 foot from Brave Max. These toys have about 4 toys per box, some more. They are mainly Energon but there are quiet a few Cybertron and Galaxy Force, with some Robot Masters as well (including the e-Hobby Exclusive 2-pack of Black Starsaber and Victory Leo).

Pictures 42 to 44 are Steve's worktop, underneath Steve's shelf. Lots of e-Hobby and Japanese G1 toys here, original Soundblaster, Minelba, Stepper as well as Car Robots, Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Final Fantasy figures decorate the clear space, as our motto is "if there is space, there is a toy".

Pictures 45 - 47 are Dave's worktop, next to Cyber City and under Dave's shelf, this is another mismatch. Supreme Cheetor has about 6 other Beast Machines toys in it's box, as do Nightscream and Jetstorm, though at time of writing this I have no idea who ... well I have an idea. Some nice Japanese G1 toys (Ranger), fake Dinobots, pre-transformers and other toys cram up the space. Yes those are Dinosaur claws.

Pictures 48-49 are of Dave's small shelf, next to Dave's shelf and the opposite side of the window which seperates Steve's shelf. This has our only non-home made display cases, with custom painted Armada Seakers and our Transformers Go-Bots car collection.

Pictures 50 - 53 are of Dave's shelf. More custom cases, first one with lots of Galaxy Force and Cybertron toys, the second with a testshot of Supreme Cheetor, fake Supersized Tigertron and mini Optimus Primal, along with fake Anime Beast Machines Primal, Tenchi Muyo, Bravestarr, Centurians, Star Wars 12" and Escaflowne toys. Next to them our the Masterpiece toys, more movie figures, Secret Starscream and Gold Lightan. Yes the two Movie figures contain 4 toys each.

Pictures 54 - 57 are of the top of Cyber City. There are lots of toys here, every Cybertron, Galxay Force and Movie box is full with Deluxes as well as the toy who's box it is. You have a Grandstand Convertor Omegatron at the back, a few Lucky Draw items, BotCon toys, fake Sky Garry, Collectors Edition and hopefully BotCon Arcee (as if she isn't here I have no idea where she is). The Hardy Boyz boxset (toys) and Microman figures also make up the toys. There is space here, a bit. This is the only space left.

Not shown are:

3x Ice Cream tubs of Micromasters 4x Tubs of SCF toys

Our Gi-Joe vehcile, Dinoriders and Thundercats collection are in the loft.

That concludes this months edition of The Crib, featuring the Mapes' Transformers collection. You can now go and try to count the toys featured. Good luck. Oh we bought 2 more toys since this was taken, have two more on the way and another being processed.

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