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The fifth and final episode of the mini-series to start Transformers Prime concluded on the 3rd December 2010. As usual the episode began with breif summary of the previous episode before continuing with a visual of Optimus Prime' fear of what would happen if Megatron could raise a zombie army from Cybertron.

After the opening credits Jack is shown arriving back at his work by bicycle but it is not long before Arcee arrives to convince the teenage to return with her back to the Autobot base. Meanwhile the rest of the Autobot's back at HQ have decided that they need to risk using the Ground-Bridge to teleport the Autobots into space so that they can try to stop the Decepticons. Jsut before they head out Arcee arrives back with Jack and so she, along with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Bulkhead head through the Ground-Bridge whilst Ratchet stays behind so that he can open the portal for them to return as well as keeping an eye on the Humans. The Autobots arrive at the Space-Bridge just as the Decepticon ship draws near. The Autobots prepare to come under attack but nothing happens. Why are the Decepticons now activating the Space-Bridge? Optimus Prime focuses his optics and soon discovers that during the battle in the previous episode Bulkhead damaged the ship so that the Decepticons can not accurate lock onto the co-ordinates of Cybertron. Back in the Autobot base Raf tells the Autobots that the Decepticons could use Earths satellite array to pinpoint Cybertron and so the 12 year old boy starts to hack another US Government system. He can not gain access so Ratchet transports the threesome directly to the base so that Raf can gain physical access to the network.

Meanwhile the Eradicon seekers start to attack the Autobots who are still standing on the Space-Bridge. Meanwhile back on Earth the Humans have gained access to the network and discover that so have the Decepticons. What they don't realise is that the Decepticon who has gained access is Soundwave who is in the next room to them. Soundwave users the Earth systems to aligh the Space-Bridge and Megatron prepares to activate it but just before the Decepticon can proceed with their master plan, the Humans re-align it. Realising something is wrong the Decepticons order Soundwave to find out what happened. Its not long before the communication officer has located the humans and set a "probe arm" to stop them. The Human kids defend themselves against Soundwave's attack throwing a fire axe at his probing arm which the Decepticon takes and uses to cut the lines to the computer system but not before re-locking the Space-Bridge back onto Cybertron.

Back in space, Megatron throws a large chunk of Dark Engeron into the Space-Bridge and onto Cybertron raising his undead army. The Autobot's ponder if there is anything that they can do in order to stop the Decepticons when Raf points out that he has the blueprints to the Space-Bridge which Ratchet uses to try to discover a flaw in Megatron's design.

Ordering the other Autobots to fallback, Optimus Prime stands his ground to challenge Megatron to a one-on-one fight, complete with dialogue taken straight from the 1986 animated film. Whilst Prime and Megatron fight the other Autobots reverse the flow of energy throughout the Space-Bridge which causes the device to implode. Megatron tries to stop the Autobots and damages Arcee in the process but his attempts are futile as the Autobots have completed their sabotage and decide to flee back through the Ground-Bridge to Earth. Megatron flies back to the centre of the Space-Bridge portal to await his army but it caught in the middle of the imploding device before the army of undead can cross.

On the Decepticon ship, Starscream wastes no time in declaring Megatron as being dead and announcing himself as the new leader, whilst on Earth the Autobots and Humans see to the injured Arcee. With the Space-Bridge now destroyed, the Autobots are now stranded on Earth and decide to stay with their Human hosts and continue to live along side them whilst defending the Earth.

An so the opening five episodes of Transformers Prime come to an end. All-in-all it has been a very good start to the series. Arcee and Bulkhead have both received plenty of screen time and Ratchets grumpy doc character has also been overplayed. Of all the Autobots it is Bumblebee who has had very little todo which though a little suprising is, imo, the correct choice by the writers since he is already a heavily established character thanks to the live action movies. Starscream and Megatron have both had their characters well established but the non-speaking Soundwave has very much been a minor character thus far. The Eradicons serve their purpose as drones and fodder to help put over the Autobots and allow for more aggressive action pieces. The Humans, though heavily involved have not overshadowed the Autobots and are more realistic in terms of characters with the Exception of Raf seemingly being smarter than everyone else on the planet.

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