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Galaxy Force Episode 1 - Aired 7th Jan 2005

Translated and Fan Subbed by WolfPack Productions and TV-Nihon

Episode 1: Sacred Birthplace: Planet Seibertron Destroyed


BackPack:: Footage from the observation satellite is coming !
BackPack:: Supreme Commander Galaxy Convoy! The satellite has been swallowed into the Grand Black Hole

Opening Titles

Japanese (Romanji):

Kaze no Uta Hibiku Haruka naru Daichi
Kikoeru daro Yume Kizamu RHYTHM
Donna Teki Kite mo Botkutachi no POWER
Ignition Hi o Tsuketa Yuuki
Kono hoshi o Mamoru Nani ga Okotte mo
Boku mo Kimi mo Ikiteriru Akashi! Dakara! Kakenuketeku Yuushi wa
Kizuna de Musubareta Seigi Sa
Issho ni Ikou ze
We just call you TRANSFORMER!
Oooh, Ride On!


The song of the wind resounds across the land,
You can hear it right? It's the rhythm of the dream,
No Matter what enemy comes, with our power,
Ignition! The flame of courage is lit,
I will protect this planet no matter what happens,
because! It proves we're alive!
These journeying valiant warriors
are bound by justice
let's go together

Opening Titles End

[Motor cross circuit]
Coby:: See ya!
Boy's Dad: That Punk

[At the house]
Lori: I wanted to go there.... here? Boring. Tedious. No excitement whatsoever! I want to go back....over there

[At the Finish line, a BBQ is going on]
Mother: You should have more liver
un-named Man: No
Bud: They're here!

[race ends]
Coby: I won! I beat father! Well? What do you think of me?.
Adoring fan: You should retire already.
Father: Hey hey! No Way!

[fixing bike]
Father: You're doing it yourself
Coby: Yeah!
Mother: Dear, Come here! You only have tomorrow off before returning to the university
Lori: Hey, Coby:. If you're going to race, couldn't you go somewhere else? Its noisy, it's annoying
Coby: grrr ... I can go where I want! This isn't your yard!
Lori: What'd you say!
Coby: What the heck!
Bud: Lori! You're much to fiery. Use this to cool that heat!
Lori: Thank you, Bud ... hahaha
Coby: Wha!!! What are you doing to my bike!? Be careful
Lori: What an overreaction... It's just a machine.
Coby: No! Machines are alive.
Lori: So, that's alive too? [looking up at aircraft going overhead]
Coby:: Yeah, that's right

[Jump to the aircraft that is in fact Dreadrock]
Narrator: By coincidence, Coby's words were correct. For this plane was actually a Transformer
Dreadrock: Just in case, I'm going to scan a little more.
*scans a few more vehicles*
Dreadrock: Alright
Narrator: This is a Space Bridge, which connections two distance points in space and at the end of this one...

[Jumps to the other side of the Space Bridge]
Narrator: the Transformer's home, Planet Seibertron

[Command Centre]
BackPack:: Currently, the Grand Black Hole is 2000 clicks away from Planet Seibertron.
Planet Seibertron is already being affected by its gravitational pull.
Exillion: There's no time! Supreme Commander, just when are we going to begin!?
Galaxy Convoy: First Aid.
First Aid: Right. Currently I'm running a simulation from the satellite data. Failure is not an option after all. Please just give me a little more time.

BackPack:: Program download complete.
Galaxy Convoy: Very well. Begin
GuardShell: Setting cannon to 11 degrees.
Exillion: Energy Charge Complete.
BackPack:: All ready to fire!
Galaxy Convoy: Seiber Cannon... .. fire
Exillion: we did it
Dreadrock: With this ... huh
Exillion: huh

[Main hall]

Galaxy Convoy: Let me repeat my warning. We cannot let Earth know about the current situation. Should the migration be permanent ... I pledge to let Earth know in a way that they can understand. However, we believe this evacuation is temporary. That's why on Earth, you must transform into Earth vehicles and conceal yourselves! You must not bother the Earthlings. Anyone that can't obey this rule should not be on Earth. Anyone like that here!? [pause for reply] Dreadrock scanned Earth's information for us.
Dreadrock: Yes
Galaxy Convoy: I'll go first. Galaxy Convoy! Transform!!
Exillion: Wow!
Dreadrock: You guys should also pick something that you like.
Exillion: This is good. Looks fast!
JackShot: I'm taking this.
Exillion: Exillion, transform!
JackShot: Jackshot, transform!!
Dreadrock: Dreadrock, transform!! Everyone pick something that you like and scan it.
Galaxy Convoy: After scanning, follow Jackshot's instruction and begin migrating to Earth

[Command Centre]
Galaxy Convoy: And the things we're taking with us?
BackPack:: After this is finished, it'll be done.
Exillion: Alright! Let's do it right away!
Galaxy Convoy: Wha-What!
Back-pack: There's a temporal distortion!
JackShot: Hey don't be pushy. No need to panic! There's still time!.
Back-pack: Jackshot, big problems. There's a temporal distortion above us!
JackShot: What!?

[Breaking outside]

GuardShell: It couldn't be... an aftereffect form earlier?
*** Vector Prime appears from the Temporal Distortion. ***
Galaxy Convoy: Who are you!?
Exillion: Are you an enemy!?
Vector Prime: My name is Vector Prime. I am a messenger from the edge of time.
Galaxy Convoy: Vector Prime?
Vector Prime: There is only one way of eliminating this galaxy's worst disaster. Gather the Planet Force!

********** ADVERT BREAK**************
********** ADVERT BREAK**************

Vector Prime: In terms of your time, I'm from a time tens of millions of years ago. Ancient Transformers planned the unbelievable to link ancient space with a Space Bridge. To make that possible, they used four Planet Force. Made by the galaxy's Creator, Primus' Spark, it's said to contain the power of an entire planet. However the plan ended in failure... ... and the four Planet Force were scattered somewhere in space.
Galaxy Convoy: If we gather them, the galaxy can be saved?
Vector Prime: Only the creator of the Galaxy, Primus' Spark, can save us from this crisis.
[Group sighs]
Vector Prime: I don't blame you if you don't believe me. However, I hope you believe me.
Galaxy Convoy: I will gather my subordinates.
Vector Prime: I'm deeply grateful! I will create a map to show where the Planet Force are.

[Switch to the Destrons]
Master Megatron: hahahah. The time to appear has come.
Starscream: Master Megatron... what has happened?
Master Megatron: A visitor from the edge of time has visited Galaxy Convoy. Look!

[Spying in on the Cybertrons]
Vector Prime: It's said it's made from the Creator of the Galaxy, Primus' Spark... each one of the Planet Force is said to have unbelievable power. Of course, it would give you guys great power and abilities too.
Starscream: Planet Force?
Master Megatron: You hear that, Starscream? Creator Primus' Spark! If that power comes into my hands I would be able to become this universe's invincible ruler!!

[Switch to Cybertrons]
Exillion: How did I get put on the expedition to find the Planet Force?
Dreadrock: Don't ask me. If you're going to ask, ask the Supreme Commander directly.
Exillion: Anyway, do you believe that gossip?
Dreadrock: If it's believable, then I want to believe. To be honest, we're out of options. At this rate, evacuating to Earth is all we have.
Exillion: You're right.... Again!?

***Starscream attacks***
[In the command centre]
BackPack:: What!?
Galaxy Convoy: Did something happen!?

[Outside Starscream fights Exillion and Dreadrock]
Starscream: That's as far as you get.

[The other Cybertrons arrive]

Galaxy Convoy: You're... Starscream!
Starscream: I bet you were lonely without me.
Exillion: You piss me off!
[Starscream blasts Exillion]
Galaxy Convoy: Exillion

[In the command centre]
Vector Prime: The map is complete. All that's left is to use this.
BackPack:: There's no time! Evacuate!
Vector Prime: Right

[A portal opens in the commander centre and Megatron appears]
BackPack:: What!? Master Megatron

[Meg deals with BackPack:]

Master Megatron: I heard your story. I believe you...unlike those guys!
Vector Prime: You are ...!?
Master Megatron: Someone that understands a robot like yourself. I am the only one who can save this universe from its peril. Now... give that map to me.

[Vector Prime ponders]
BackPack:: S-supreme Commander
Galaxy Convoy: Master Megatron has...!? It's the enemy's diversionary tactic! I'm returning to the Sky Dome! Transform!
Starscream: I will not allow that! What!?

[ Exillion, Dreadrock and Guardshell attack Starscream]
Starscream: You!! What's your name!?
GuardShell: It's Guardshell!

[Inside the Sky Dome]
Master Megatron: Now, hand it over!
Vector Prime: B-but... What are...!?
Master Megatron: ahahahah. With this, Creator Primus' Spark will be mine.
Galaxy Convoy: That's not going to happen, Master Megatron!
Master Megatron: Galaxy Convoy!? e-heh.

*insert fight*

Galaxy Convoy: Galaxy Convoy! SUPER MODE!!!
Galaxy Convoy: I'm not letting the map go, Master Megatron!
Galaxy Convoy: That's far enough. Now, will you return the map?
Master Megatron: Let this galaxy be destroyed! I will take Creator Primus' Spark and create a new universe!
Vector Prime (Drawing sword): Damn you!!

[Megatron catches the sword and throws him through a wall]
Galaxy Convoy: Vector... Prime..!

[Meanwhile Starscream is still fighting against the odds outside]
GuardShell: That's far enough.
Starscream: Eat this

[Starscream blasts Guardshell into space and into the Grand Black Hole]
Dreadrock: Guardshell!!!

[Megatron has Convoy by the throat]
Master Megatron: Hahahaha
Starscream: Master Megatron!
Master Megatron: Hmm?
Starscream: Seems this planet is at its limit.
Master Megatron: The map's in my hand. Fall back.
Starscream: Yes sir. Transform!
Exillion: Stop!!!

[The Destrons escape]
Exillion: Damn it!
Galaxy Convoy: Damn you, Master Megatron.
Exillion: Supreme Commander! Guardshell was sucked into the Grand Black Hole!
Galaxy Convoy: Guardshell was! There's no time, everyone fall back...
Exillion: But... what about Guardshell?
Galaxy Convoy: I will definitely find him. However... right now we must get away from here.

[The Cybertrons board the shuttle and launch as Seibertron is destroyed]
Lori: Machines are tools
Cory: No! They're life forms!
Lori: Tools!
Cory: Life forms!
Lori: Tools!
Cory: Life forms!
Bud: Those two never tire...
Lori: Tools!
Cory: Life forms!
Bud: Its an Aurora!
Lori: Pretty... A meteorite?
Cory: Maybe?
Bud: No! Its a UFO!
Cory: Wow
Lori: It's pretty big.
Bud: Its definitely a UFO!
Lori: It's someone's voice! Maybe its a plane crash!?
Cory: That'd be terrible!
Lori: What... is this?
Cory: "What" ... you ask.. isn't it obvious? This is...
Bud: A transformer!

End Titles Start

Japanese (Romanji):

Kimi no Kokoro ni aru Shinjitsu
Kimi no Egao de Yume wa Kagayaku
Kimi no Karada ni Nemuru Yuuki
Me no Mae no Kabe mo nante koto nai
Bokura Deatta Imi mo Wakarua yo
Sukoshi Mimi o Sumaseba

Ashita ga Yondeiru Ima sugu iku yo
Ryoute o Tsubasa ni Kaete
Dare ni mo Makenani sa Ikinuku Koto ga
Bokura o Kaeteiku
Koete Tsyoku nareru


In your heart is the truth
In your smile shines a dream
In your body lies a sleeping courage
The wall right before your eyes is nothing
I Understand the reason why we met
If i open my ears...
My future is calling, and i'm on my way
I'll transformer my two hands into wings
I won't lose to anyone, I'll surpass this
We're going to transform
We'll surpass this and become stronger

End Titles End

Preview for next episode

Episode Ends

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