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Galaxy Force Episode 2- Aired 14th Jan 2005

Translated and Fan Subbed by WolfPack Productions and TV-Nihon

Episode 2: Encounter with he Transformers

[Starts with preview of today's episode]

Opening Titles

Japanese (Romanji):

Kaze no Uta Hibiku Haruka naru Daichi
Kikoeru daro Yume Kizamu RHYTHM
Donna Teki Kite mo Botkutachi no POWER
Ignition Hi o Tsuketa Yuuki
Kono hoshi o Mamoru Nani ga Okotte mo
Boku mo Kimi mo Ikiteriru Akashi! Dakara! Kakenuketeku Yuushi wa
Kizuna de Musubareta Seigi Sa
Issho ni Ikou ze
We just call you TRANSFORMER!
Oooh, Ride On!


The song of the wind resounds across the land,
You can hear it right? It's the rhythm of the dream,
No Matter what enemy comes, with our power,
Ignition! The flame of courage is lit,
I will protect this planet no matter what happens,
because! It proves we're alive!
These journeying valiant warriors
are bound by justice
let's go together

Opening Titles End

[Flash back through first episode]

Narrator: The Grand Blank Hole that suddenly appeared .. Despite the Transformer's scientific powers, they were unable to close it. Just when everyone thought it was hopeless ... from the edge of time, a mysterious Transformer named Vector Prime appeared. He said if one gathered the four Planet Force scattered in space ... They'd be saved from this crises. But Master Megatron knew that if he absorbed Primus' Spark ... he would become the ruler of the galaxy. Gambling on that possibility, he plundered the map and ran. And so the Cybertron's home planet, Planet Seibertron, was regrettably swallowed up by the Grand Black Hole.

Galaxy Convoy: Guard shell is on Earth?
Exillion: Don't claim such a ridiculous thing! Guard shell went into the Grand Black Hole!
Vector Prime: I warped him.

[Title of Episode]

Vector Prime: Using my sword, I sent him to the other end of this Space Bridge
Galaxy Convoy: Is that so?
Galaxy Convoy: Thank you.
Vector Prime: No need to thank me. Just glad to make it in time.
Galaxy Convoy: Where are you going?
Vector Prime: I must take the map back from that Master Megatron.
Vector Prime: If Planet Force falls into evil hands it'd be disastrous. Master Megatron is most formidable
Galaxy Convoy: Dreadrock
Dreadrock: Yes sir!
Galaxy Convoy: Take Exillion and Jackshot with you. Accompany him.
Dreadrock: Huh? You sure about that?
Galaxy Convoy: Yes
Exillion: Don't Joke! Instead of doing that we should be finding Guardshell!
Galaxy Convoy: Finding Guardshell will be done by Backpack and I.
Dreadrock: So you believe this story about the Planet Force, Supreme Commander Galaxy Convoy?
Galaxy Convoy: I cannot say yet, however if such a thing falls into Master Megatron's hands, it'd be most troublesome.
Galaxy Convoy: We must take it back! I'm counting on you
Dreadrock, Exillion, Jackshot (together) Understood!
Galaxy Convoy: Somewhere on Earth .. is Guardshell

[Scene jumps to Earth]

Unknown kid: Hey Coby! Let's play basketball
Coby: Sorry, gotta do something today.
Stanton: Hey Now! I know you're not a thief Coby
Coby: Uh-ha, erhh. No, Stanton I'm not planning to steal these.
Stanton: What are you using it for?
Coby: In the mountains ... ummm a large ... it's stranded .. Uhh ... I think it can move ...
Stanton: If so then you're need more than a jack. Use this

[Stanton hands Coby some keys to a quad-bike]
[The scene jumps back to the forest, where Bud and Coby are trying to drag Guardshell out of the creator]

Bud: All right, all right
Bud: OK
Coby: Did that hurt?
Guardshell: Coby ... right? Thank you.
Coby: Are you okay? Can you walk?
Guardshell: I guess I can manage to walk
Coby: The come with us. We're going where the others can't see
Guardshell: Sorry for all the bother

[Coby rides off on the quad with Guardshell and Bud behind. They don't notice that Guardshell leave behind a trail of huge footprints]

Coby: Wh-what's with that get up?
Lori: It's so I can get dirty
Coby: Alright, sit down over there.
Guardshell: Wha?
Bud: Look, like this.
Guardshell: O-oh

[Guardshell sits and Cory rumbles through a tool box]

Guardshell: Wh-what are you going to do?
Coby: Repairs. You can't more your right hand, right?
Guardshell: Repairs? You mean treatment?
Lori: Don't worry, Coby's school grades are terrible, but when it comes to machines he's a pro!
Bud: Right right, he even remodels his own bike
Guardshell: But..
Coby: If i can't do it, I'll ask Stanton to help me. Come, for now let me see it.
Guardshell: Oh-okay
Coby: Ooh, it's so complex ..
Lori: Can't you handle it?
Coby: No, let me try?

Narrator: Galaxy Convoy and Backpack arrive on earth.
Galaxy Convoy: Can't you hurry up and scan?
Backpack: I haven't found a suitable one yet.

[Backpack see's a billboard for a movie with a tank on it]

Backpack: This is great!
Backpack: Backpack, transform!
Galaxy Convoy: Why go to all this trouble only to pick a conspicuous tank!?
Backpack: Conspicuous is good, no one would give a tank a parking ticket. All the other cars would clear the road for me, right? Further, I have an off road speed of 8 kph, plus I have battle ability too. Right? What do you want now?
Galaxy Convoy: I got it, okay lets go.
Backpack: Yes sir!

Narrator: At that time, Master Megatron and Starscream arrive at the asteroid belt in space
Starscream: Is there really Planet Force here?
Master Megatron: It should, however ... yaaahh! .... Doesn't look like it to me
Starscream: If I may? Perhaps it's an old map,
Master Megatron: Huh?
Starscream: Space both expands and changes, if we consider that and make modifications ...
Master Megatron: I see .. so that's how it is.
Vector Prime: Found you, Master Megatron!
Master Megatron: You play with them Starscream
Starscream: Yes

[Fight between Cybertrons and Destrons]

Master Megatron: Are you guys serious?
Vector Prime: That map was made to save the universe. It does not belong to you, give it back!
Starscream: If you want it, then you'll have to take it by force, though that is impossible.
Vector Prime: It's not impossible

[Dreadrock and Vector Prime transform and continue to fight Starscream whilst Exillion and Jackshot distract Master Megatron]

Vector Prime: You can't escape this sword!
Master Megatron: Annoyance!
Jackshot: Now!
Master Megatron: Mwahaha

[The Cybertron's are defeated]

Starscream: Shall we follow them and finish them off?
Master Megatron: Forget them

[Jumps back to Earth and Guardshell / the humans]

Coby: Sorry, are you okay?
Guardshell: Yes, it's no big deal. Please continue
Coby: Okay
Guardshell: By the way, you guys are scared?
Lori and Bud: Huh?
Lori: Scared .. of you? Not at all. Well I was surprised at first, I never thought that Transformers were real. I thought you were just rumors like UFOs.
Guardshell: Despite that .. why?
Lori: Why? Well we can't ignore a person in trouble, right?
Guardshell: I see.
Coby: Bud, can you get a ratchet?
Bud: Umm, which one?
Coby: A cross one, it's over there.
Bud: Ah that one.
Guardshell: Is everyone this way? Are all humans as kind as you guys?
Lori: I don't know. I can't speak for others. Don't worry about it.

[Jumps back to the crash sight, and a marshall is making notes on the large footprints]

Oldman: Look, Wangan! It's Bigfoot's footprints
Wangan: Bigfoot? Like that exists!
Marshall: Though that don't know what made these footprints, there's a possibility that it may be poached.
Oldman: It's a mountain hunt!
Hunting Party: Alright!

[Advert break - Master Megatron]
[Advert break - Master Megatron]

[In the forest the hunt for what ever made the footprints is on]
[Scene jumps back to Guardshell]

Coby: *sigh*
Bud: We did it! It's moving!
Coby: How is it?
Guardshell: It's not perfect, but thank you. I'm grateful
Lori: By the way, what'll you do now?
Coby: Do?
Lori: Hey you, how are you going home?
Coby: You're from space right? What planet?
Guardshell: It's Planet Seibertron, but ...
Coby: Is it nearby?
Guardshell: Right now it no longer exists.
Bud: You're not in a hurry to return, right? Take you're time and rest. There's a lot to see on Earth.
Lori: With that body of his? It'll cause a big panic!
Coby: What did you mean by .. gone
Guardshell: That would be an inconvenience. Hiding our identities on Earth was the Supreme Commander's ....
Coby: Hey ... what you said earlier ..
Hunting Party: Hey! This way! Bigfoot's up there
Lori: Wh-what are those people?
Bud: They followed the footprints!
Coby: Oh no, what should we do?

[Scene jumps to Convoy and Backpack who are nearby. A fireman is telling a garage owned about bigfoot.]

Fireman: Bigfoot eh?
Garage Owner: Just between us .. I think it's aliens
Fireman: Huh?
Garage Owner: Listen, actually yesterday .. around there .. I saw a meteorite crash there! I'm sure it was a UFO! From inside ..
Fireman: Hey, hey
Galaxy Convoy: Is that true?
Garage Owner: Of cause
Galaxy Convoy: Thanks for the information! I'm grateful.
Fireman Where's that fire truck from?
Garage Owner: It wasn't yours?
Fireman: We don't have a fire truck like that!

[Jumps to military jet on maneuvers]

Pilot: We're about to return to base
Military Base: Roger
Pilot: Huh ... Wh-what?!

[The jet gets scanned by a light]

Thundercracker: Thundercracker, transform!
Military Base: What is it? What happened!"
Pilot: A jet fighter, exactly the same as ours!
Thundercracker: There you are! See you, Guardshell! You're going down by my hand.
Hunting Party: It's nearby! Catch him!
Lori: What'll we do! At this rate we'll be seen!

[A military jet can be heard very close]

Lori: What?
Guardshell: A Destron!
Coby: What's that?
Thundercracker: Eat this!
Coby, Bud, Lori: No way!
Guardshell: Everyone get down!
Marshall: What happened!? It's a mountain fire? Run everyone!
Coby: *cough cough* What happened?
Coby: A fire truck!? Why is that here?
Galaxy Convoy: are you okay, Guardshell?
Guardshell: Yes sir, Supreme Commander Galaxy Convoy!
Lori: Supreme Commander Galaxy Convoy?
Galaxy Convoy: Transform!
Thundercracker: I thought it was just Guardshell, but Galaxy Convoy's with him. Whatever, I'll get him too!
Thundercracker: Come on, come on, come on, let's go! Transform!
Marshall: At this rate .. we'll ..

[Galaxy Convoy and Thundercracker fight]

Thundercracker: Fighting on the ground isn't my bag, I definitely think fighting from the sky is better!
Thundercracker: What!? Gahhhhhhhaa
Bud: Wow! That fire truck is flying in the sky!
Lori: It's not a fire truck Bud
Bud: Huh?
Lori: It's Supreme Commander Galaxy Convoy, right?
Guardshell: Yes.
Thundercracker: That hurt!
Galaxy Convoy: Run and I won't fire. What's you're choice!?
Thundercracker: Shut up!
Galaxy Convoy: So you won't listen ..

[Thundercracker is knocked into a portal]

Bud: Wow!
Coby: Yeah
Hunting Party: *cough cough*
Marshall: It's no use!
Coby: Galaxy Convoy! Everyone ... save everyone!
Galaxy Convoy: OK
Galaxy Convoy: Galaxy Convoy! SUPER MODE!
Hunting Party: Rain?
Marshall: We're saved

[The fire is put out, the Hunting Party leave the forest and the Cybertron's and kids watch on from on top of a cliff]

Coby: Thank you
Galaxy Convoy: It was the natural thing to do
Coby: Are they your friends too?
Guardshell: Yeah, that's right
Coby: I'm Coby, this is my little bro Bud
Bud: Nice to meet you
Lori: Lori
Dreadrock: I'm Dreadrock
Exillion: Exillion!
Jackshot: Jackshot
Backpack: Backpack, nice to meet you
Guardshell: Guardshell
Galaxy Convoy: And I am the Cybertron faction's Supreme Commander, Galaxy Convoy
Lori: What about you? You're their friend to, right?
Vector Prime: I am not their friend
Galaxy Convoy: He's Vector Prime, an ancient Transformer
Coby: But .. you're not he enemy, right?
Vector Prime: Of cause. You can think of me as a comrade to save the galaxy from the Grand Black Hole
Lori: Grand Black Hole? Save the galaxy from that
Backpack: Isn't that an unpleasant name?
Dreadrock: Backpack! No need to say anything superfluous
Backpack: But,
Dreadrock: Not troubling the Earthlings is one of our rules
Backpack: That's right, I'm sorry.
Coby: What could it mean?
Lori: They're giving us a warning?
Coby: Eh, really!?
Coby: Don't worry about that! Because we won't tell anyone about you guys. We definitely won't tell.

[Bud walks over to Vector Prime and touches his leg]

Bud: What's this?
Coby: Huh!

[Three minicon's appear from Vector Prime's chest]

Hop: Hop, transform!
Brit: *beep beep beep*
Bumper: *beep beep beep*
Coby: The data from the book
Hop: Nice to meet ya all! You can call me Hop. This is Brit and Bumper.
Brit & Bumper: *beep beep beep*
Hop: We've been traveling with Vector Prime. By the way, this planet is pretty! What do you call this planet?
Coby: Earth
Hop: Oh, Earth!
Coby: You know it?
Hop: Never heard of it
Coby: Ah..
Bud: That tickles, I said that tickles!
Dreadrock: What should we do now, Supreme Commander Galaxy Convoy?
Galaxy Convoy: First Aid is in charge currently, but unless we do something about the Grand Black Hole. First we check on the status of our migrated comrades.
Backpack: To do that we'd need a base.
Galaxy Convoy: That's right
Dreadrock: What about the Planet Force?
Galaxy Convoy: We can't ignore it. If it's real, it can save the galaxy.
Backpack: If only we had some proof it was real
Bud: Stop it! I said stop it!

[Hop noticed Lori's t-shirt]

Hop: Vector Prime, look!
Vector Prime: T-that's
Lori: This? It's just a normal T-shirt
Vector Prime: That pattern drawn on there ..
Lori: It's a symbol said to be used by the lost continent of Atlantis. It's not that rare, rock bands often use it.
Galaxy Convoy: What is it?
Vector Prime: It has the same shape as the controller of the Planet Force, the Chip Square! It couldn't be .. the Chip Square is on Earth!?
Cybertron's together: Huh?
Kids together: Ohh?

End Titles Start

Japanese (Romanji):

Kimi no Kokoro ni aru Shinjitsu
Kimi no Egao de Yume wa Kagayaku
Kimi no Karada ni Nemuru Yuuki
Me no Mae no Kabe mo nante koto nai
Bokura Deatta Imi mo Wakarua yo
Sukoshi Mimi o Sumaseba

Ashita ga Yondeiru Ima sugu iku yo
Ryoute o Tsubasa ni Kaete
Dare ni mo Makenani sa Ikinuku Koto ga
Bokura o Kaeteiku
Koete Tsyoku nareru


In your heart is the truth
In your smile shines a dream
In your body lies a sleeping courage
The wall right before your eyes is nothing
I Understand the reason why we met
If i open my ears...
My future is calling, and i'm on my way
I'll transformer my two hands into wings
I won't lose to anyone, I'll surpass this
We're going to transform
We'll surpass this and become stronger

End Titles End

{Episode three preview / episode sponsors]

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