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Transformers Animated

Site sponsor, Robotkingdom is now stocking some of the Transformers Animated store exclusive 2-packs. As such they have updated their website with the listings as well as some new images of the figures. The 2-packs which are available are

Transformers Animated Voyager Shockwave Vs. Activator Bumblebee - available here.

Transformers Animated Voyager Sunstorm Vs. Activator Ratchet - available here

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Welcome aborad fella!

City Commander:

:D So tell me, this is essentially a UK tf forum right? I'm impressed to see you guys still soldiering on, there doesn't seem to be much UK tf love any more...


Not exclusively UK, there are a few lurking around from parts unknown but it is UK based.


Yea, some of us are die-hards, or stupid, I'm not 100% sure what. Except for the occasional forgotten figure, Hasbro UK have got better at the distribution in recent years.


Wotcha! Glad to have you aboard! I think you're right - I'm certainly not 'feeling the love' at the mo... I think what keeps us here is the good company to be honest!

City Commander:

Tis true, Brits are always the best laugh! :D Probably just too many lines going on at once recently, Energon and Cybertron got pretty awesome distribution from what I remember. And the retailers certainly seem keen on HFTD and Generations! I'm reading about brilliant stock for the early waves across the board so far. I used to be a die-hard, now I think I'm stupid. Trying to cut the so-called fat from the body of my collection cos it's just too big. Even my alternators are getting sold off. Not that I can complain, if they all sell that's about £270 I'll have made, pretty much pays for MP Rodimus and Protector. I've always fancied listing my collection but never done it, so I'll do it now! Would be wise to create a figure/parts database for everything I guess. Optimal Optimus Transmetal Depthcharge Transmetal 2 Tigerhawk Universe Cheetor (still haven't quite decided on what Cheetor would best represent the character in my collection...) Transmetal Rattrap (I've given him a pistol from a oversized KO Towline I bought at poundland years back. Actually looks like the show gun!) Fuzor Silverbolt I did buy TFA Black Arachnia to go with them, but she's too tall...and still trying to find Henkei Dinobot. Still hoping that we get some Rhinox love in generations. The Japanese Telemocha figure is nice but too small/kibbly. Buster Optimus Prime Voyager Premium Ironhide Deluxe Ratchet 08' Camaro Bumblebee Sideswipe Jolt Massively cut this collection down to core figures, sold off about 8 figures. Don't like the twins, and pretty sure I won't be buying any more figures for this collection. Battle begins Optimus Prime Earth Ratchet deluxe Bumblebee leader Bulkhead ninja Prowl samurai Prowl Jetfire Jetstorm Ultra Magnus Sentinel Prime Jazz Blurr Rodimus Minor Longarm Prime Arcee Black Arachnia Wreck Garr Grimlock Swoop Slag Megatron Not interested in paying £18 odd for Ironhide, just doesn't look great. Was tempted to sell this lot off, but I'll wait a few years til they're worth something. Voyager Optimus Prime Bumblebee Cliffjumper Mirage Sunstreaker Sideswipe Henkei Ironhide Henkei Ratchet Prowl Smokescreen Bluestreak Energon Downshift (Wheeljack obv) TFCC Nightbeat Jetfire Inferno Silverbolt Powerglide Energon Strongram (acting Brawn) ROTF Beachcomber (acting Beachcomber) Energon Omega Supreme Rotf Superion + Crossfire addons City Commander + white Magnus Cybertron Evac (acting Sandstorm) Defender Universe Roadbuster Drift Energon Terradive (acting Topspin) Botcon Kup Classics Hot Rod Energon Arcee 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime Cybertron Vector Prime Titanium Rodimus Prime Energon Windrazor Energon Landmine Energon Bulkhead Universe Overload Armada Unicron Cybertron Primus RiD Optimus Prime Armada Optimus Prime Armada Final Battle Optimus Prime Alternator Optimus Prime Classics The battle begins Optimus Prime Cybertron Optimus Prime Energon Optimus Prime + Wingsaber Besides that, it's everything in my sales thread! So my displayed collection numbers about 80 figures on shelves and cupboards, and then probably somewhere around that again in sales items. I know this thread is useless without pics, so we'll see what the week brings photo-wise ;)

Phill: is good for that. I used to have a spreadsheet, but moved over to Shmax.

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