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Transformers Interviews and Articles

As a follow-up to our latest article over on we thought we would bring you a short piece on some of the history of the Transformers TV spot.  The information contained within this article was taken from an series of Q&As we held with Robert Runbaken in November 2014.

Griffin-Bacal Advertising

Hasbro Inc. were one of Griffin-Bacal's first clients and are best known for producing the toy adverts for the Hasbro franchises G.I. Joe: Real American Hero and Transformers. As Hasbro Inc's client, Griffin-Bacal also shot the spots for most of their other brands, and worked closely with Hasbro Inc and Sunbow Productions on the supporting TV series to go with which ever line they would be shooting spots for.

Griffin-Bacal mainly shot from studios based in Amsterdam and Arizona, though some of their latter TV spots were shot in studios in Vancouver. The Amsterdam studio was used as the primary location for the more successful brands, whilst those with lower advertising budgets were shot in the US studios.

Robert Rundbaken and the first Transformers Toy TV Spot

We had the pleasure of speaking with former GB employee Robert Rundbaken who worked on most, if not all, of the Hasbro Boys Toys properties including Visionaries, Inhumanoids, G.I. Joe and Transformers.

Robert remembers re-cutting the very first Transformers TV toy spot with Optimus Prime along with creating the signature look for the various video transitions and effects which were used during the Transformers toy commercials. Robert was quick to also credit his editors. At the time Robert held the position of an Associate Producer for Griffin-Bacal.

The original spot was cut by Roberts boss, Bacal. The spot turned into a bunch of stills as he was trying to show each stage of the transformation transition. I.E a shot of the arms folding out, another shot of the rotating etc.  The Hasbro Reps hated it so Robert was bought in to re-cut the footage and to come up with something. He remembers that they recut the footage at Broadway Video and he had them bring every video transition device into the room so that they could experiment all night. He asked about a transition effect that was created by the ADO which was a digital effects tool. The effect turned an image on screen into a ball. Robert asked if one image could start the effect and then have another image come out. From this idea they took the footage of the child actor rolling the Optimus Prime toy and applied the effect to the footage resulting in him becoming a robot. Another technique which they applied on the Transformers commercials, and latter on others including Visionaries, was to film with a huge turntable that was a cyclinder painted to look like the sky, or they could build the side of a mountain and a road on it. When you spun the cylinder and held the toy, they found that you could simulate it driving or flying.  Once they spliced the two scenes together with the ball transition in between it was an epiphany for them and that opened up the spot to move forward. From there they were able to cut it to the track and employ similar effects and transitions to the rest of the footage.  This would become "the look" for the Transformers TV spots in the future.

After working through the night, Robert went straight from Broadway Video to the office to show his boss who took him to the back room where they would look over the footage alone.  Robert was convinced that he was going to be fired on the spot as he had left out all of the still shots of the different transition stages of the toy.  His thinking was that kids knew how they worked and that they did not actually need to show them on screen.  In their, the kids, minds and from the animation, they knew the robots changed quickly which was an effect he wanted to emulate in the TV Spot.

Promotion and Brand Diversion

Immediately after Bacal saw the cut he called the other agency heads into the room to see the footage and then they (Bacal and the agency heads) flew out to Providence to show the new spot to Hasbro. They loved it!  Thanks to his work saving the spot, Robert was then assigned to work on cutting the rest of the spots from the first package of spots. He remembers creating 4 or 5 spots from that footage.

The spots were a hit and Robert was soon promoted and started producing whole packages of Transformers and other Hasbro Boys Toys spots.  Soon he found himself on his way to Amsterdam where we wound up then shooting most of the G.I. Joe spots and other lines as they were introduced including Visionaires, Inhumanoid, Battle Bearts, Air Raids, Jem, etc.  He remembers tat Visionaries was short lived with them trying various techniques to highlight the holograms. The Visionaries, Battle Beasts and Air Raiders were all very short lived whilst he remembers that the Inhumanoid brand was a little more successful even though, as we all know, it did not produce enough revenue to warrant the 2nd series release.  Transformers and G.I.Joe were their "billion dollar", in sales, products where as everything else just came and went.  Transformers, G.I.Joe, Jem, My Little Pony and Inhumanoid all has decent advertising budgets and were shot from Amsterdam, where as Visionaries had a smaller budget and was shot stateside.  Robert remebers that Battle Beasts were really hot for a short period before they dried up.

Changing Demographic and Affecting Change

When you look back at the early Transformers TV spots, and other Hasbro brands for that matter, you will notice that the kids who are cast tended to very much be blonde haired and blue eyed. It was actually Robert and his colleage who wrote the spots that convinced Hasbro Inc. to allow them to cast minority child actors including Black and Asian kids.  Hasbro agreed and this change is obvious when you watch the spots now.

Transformers Initial Meeting

A interesting piece of trivia for you all is that despite being an Assistance Producer at the time, Robert was actually in the office when they came up with the name "Transformers" for the brand.  Robert recalls that they had a prototype of Optimus Prime and a bunch of people were bouncing around ideas for the brand.  He was fascinated by the process and decided to stay to learn more.  Someone said something like "they transform from this into that .." and then a voice, which Robert believes was Mr Bacal exclaimed "Transformers!", and thus the brandname was decide.

G.I. Joe

Robert remembers that Hasbro Inc wanted to re-issue the 12" G.I.Joe figures from the 1960s, he actually owned seven himself, but he recalls that Mr Griffin suggested to Stephen Hassenfeld, the "Has" in Hasbro, that "kids love collecting smaller things so reintroduce G.I. Joe as smaller figures".  The idea was that if you sell the collectible, small action figures, that this would lead to sales of larger, more expensive vehicles and accessories.  This of course is exactly what happened and the Hasbro account, which started at $7 million and had grown to to $30 milllion, would now grow to over $300 million.  Life was good for everyone at GBI and Robert places a lot of that down to Griffin and Bacal themselves who he describes as being the "very best bosses".


We'd like to thank Robert for answering out questions and for sharing his insight and memories with us, so that we have been able to share them with you.  It sounds like he loved his time working at Griffin-Bacal and that he was not the only one.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

Todd Matthy has held an interview with the writer of the 1986 Transformers: The Movie, Ron Friedman, which he has posted onto his blog.  The interview coverd Friedman's approach to writing the movie script, reveals his reservations about killing off Optimus Prime and more. Click here to read the full article.  Below you will find Todd's introduction to what is a very interesting piece

In the summer of 1986, children were traumatized when Optimus Prime sacrificed himself to stop his archrival, Megatron. But it wasn’t Megatron who pulled the trigger, it was a writer named Ron Friedman.

Ron Friedman wrote Transformers: The Movie. He wrote the five-part miniseries that launched GI Joe. He is close friends with Stan Lee and helped Stan develop The Marvel Action Hour, featuring Iron Man and Fantastic Four. He has written episodes of All in the Family, Happy Days, and Fantasy Island. In addition to his writing credentials, Ron is an architect and a teacher at Chapman University.

In 2014, Ron plans to chronicle his experiences as a writer in the memoir, I Killed Optimus Prime. The book promises a fascinating look behind the scenes of the shows that defined our childhood.

I had the privilege of speaking with Ron about his career, his friendship with Stan Lee, what he thought when he first saw the Transformers, how Orson Welles became Unicron, and why he didn’t want to kill Optimus Prime.

So, to kick off the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers, Ron Friedman, the man who killed Optimus Prime.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

Last night the special "Transformers episode" of Collectors Hangout took place live over Google Hangouts On Air and ran for an incredible 2 hours!!  The episode can be viewed on YouTube by using the plugin below.  We would like to Domingo Rogers for inviting us back onto the show which aims to help collectors find pieces to add to their collection, help sellers to connect to a larger audience of potential buyers, and help all to have a better appreciation for pieces by guest hosting appraisers and artisans on a regular basis

Collectors Hangout is apart of the Hangout10 network and is now a featured and suggested Google+ Hangout by Google themselves.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

The Collectors Hangout Transformers special will start soon, you can join us by visiting or via the Collectors Hangout website at or you can watch the stream live using the YouTube link below

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

A quick reminder that the Transformers special of Collectors Hangout takes place in 6 hours. You can check what the time will be in your timezone by visiting EveryTimeZone, can join us on Google Hangouts On Air and find out more about Collectors Hangout on HOA by visiting

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

Yesterday we were invited to take part is a special episode of Collectors Hangout. Collectors Hangout is a Google Plus Hangout OnAir broadcast which normally takes place at midnight on Tuesday in the UK. The Hangout is available live on YouTube as well on Google Plus where members of the Collectors Hangout page can participate within the hangout. The special episode yesterday took place at 5pm GMT (Noon EST) and consisted of host Domingo Rogers chatting with Steve (of Transformers At The Moon) about our collection history as well as showing off a few pieces.  The recording of the Collectors Hangout is now available on YouTube and can be watched using the video plugin below.

Please feel free to leave any feedback over on YouTube or on the Collectors Hangout Google Plus page.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

Are you on Google Plus? If so, and you are free next Friday, why not join me for a special edition of Collectors Hangout where I will be chatting to Domingo "DakMank" Rogers about Transformers in general, our collection, and well as taking your questions LIVE.

I will joining the hangout from "The Transformers Museum" (so the display room) where I will hightlight some pieces of the collection, perhaps sharing a few things you have never seen before and generally chewing the fat.

The Hangout will broadcast on Friday 28th December from 5pm GMT (9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST / 3pm BRST / 1am JST (on the 29th December)) which is a special time for Collectors Hangout and should make it more easily available for European Transformers fans as well as fans from both South and North America.

You can check out the link for the Hangout here.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

On the 2nd December a new 3rd party figure was revealed to the world. This figure was a giant toy based on the Generation One Predaking design.  Five days later, after much speculation, the group behind the figure was revealed as Unique Toys and the toy was named as War Lord Beasticon.  The first figure to the released from the set has been confirmed as War Hawk (Divebomb) but the fandom still have many questions regarding the group and the figure and so we are extremely pleased to be able to bring you our very own version of 20 Questions, as we recently spoke to Unique Toys regarding themselves as well as their coming release.




TF At The Moon: Unique Toys is a new group out of Singapore who hit the news headlines within the Transformers fan community recently as an unknown quantity, could you tell us a little more about the Unique Toys Team?

First of all,we are a group consist of TF fans and production specialists,we just want do something cartoon show accuarate items.

TF At The Moon: Fans around the globe went crazy when the first images of War Lord - Beasticon surfaced, what have you made of the feedback you have received thus far on this set?

Fans are crazy and most of people can't wait for our first shot.

TF At The Moon: What made you decide to tackle Beasticon as your first outing?

That's historically strongest combiner ever appeared in TF TV scene,and we can't make Devastator,can't make Superion, so that we choose Beasticons as our first outing.

TF At The Moon: Customisers were quick to point out that "Beasticon" appears to be a mass produced version of Rosedjs' custom revised "Predaking 2.0" figure ( Could you tell us a little more about the relationship between yourselves and rosedjs?

rosedjs is a talented guy,and we love his designs, unfortunately, we got many ideas impacted with him, but when you see our details, and played our toys, you should find more than one different places. BTW,the second figure War Leo ,the not Razorclaw,are completely different from his DIY,will update soon.

TF At The Moon: Hawk has been announced as the first figure to be released from the Beasticon set, do you have a potential street-date and price point in mind for the figure or are you still working on finalising the costs?

We have costed on this and after we show our update mold of War Hawk,we will authorize our retailer to announce the price,I think that's not too far away from my typing replying mail to you,lol..

TF At The Moon: Since Hawk is the name of the first Beasticon member, would you be able to share the names of the other four members with us?

Sure,that's fine, I am gladly to announce that:

  • War Hawk
  • War Leo
  • War Panther
  • War Rhino
  • War Bull

TF At The Moon: Is their a release schedule for the other figures in place yet, as well as an order and if so would you be able to share that information with us?

Thanks for taking care of this, I am not available now to announce this as this is our marketing schedules at this moment,we will release the information at Jan,2013,keep waiting for a while.

TF At The Moon: Would you be able to give us the dimensions of the Hawk toy as well as the final Beasticon figure himself?

I think the War Lord combiner is nice to match Maketoys Giant and Fans Project Cross fire kit for class Bruticus. So ,you may guess that? lol?

TF At The Moon: What is the biggest challenge to working on a toy of the scale and detail of Beasticon?

It's hard work for the structures of so big robots toy,as we must consider more about the articulations that can hold the weight of the body, the limb,also the big wings so, the gears and spring is oftenly applied to the toy. Also for the details, we consider more to close the simplicity and 3-4 layer on the very surface, for avoidng detail stuffed outlook, the simplicity and cleanness is most of our persuit during the development, and you can see, that's mostly Japanese styling robot, if you played with Gundam, you can see there are similarities.

TF At The Moon: Individual groups have been springing up producing garage kits / 3rd party add-ons / figures over the last few years. Over this time the quality of the materials being used has changed which has help the reception and sales of these figures.? Can we expect the Beasticons to be made from high quality materials?

Yes,we are not the first time making toys,actually we doing some production for other 3P company for years,so the material we will use first class ABS with polished mold surface, compares to other nicely successed 3P products.

TF At The Moon: On FB you mentioned that you share factories with some other 3P companies to help guarantee quality, would you be willing to name one such company?

Sorry for this question,we can't release that company name,as we only like people remember us by our performance more than relating us to other existed 3P companies,beg your pardon for that.

TF At The Moon: I know it it early days, butdo you have any plans to release a the figures as a complete set or only through individual released?

We will release individually ,the full combiner members will not last too long to be combined together. it's near the new year,so it's may influence our prodcutions.

TF At The Moon: Is there any word on theproduction numbers for the figures?

Yes,first shot we won't do so many production numbers,it's test how it would be popular,then we can decide to move next.

TF At The Moon: How will you be making the figures available for purchase and how are you finding demand from sellers?

It's quite complicated question, however, that's the most concern of our team. We find that fans love the toys with cars, aeroplanes, and beasts, just like the Beast Wars, so that's why we have confidence to select War Lord as our first shot. the good seller depending upon design,quality, and price as well, we have our reliable distribution net worldwide, if we do it right, we should have market.

TF At The Moon: How long as the figure been in production?

It's about 1-5 months depend on how the product complicated and the other elements.

TF At The Moon: You recently released some images on Facebook of lineart of Hawk, will this artwork be used on the packaging of the figure?

Yes, that's a teaser, we hope that can attract collector's interest, as we trust, the toys is a culture. it's for a dream come true, or the aestheticities and that's part of our comic or illustrations in the package or manual.

TF At The Moon: On a comment on your wall on Facebook, you made mention to looking for a large Italian seller to distribute the figures, would you be able to give us a list of territories where this figure is likely to see distribution?

We have our own distribution nets, but we like to know more people in special area, who are interest in our project, we always open the door for new friends become our distributor in the future?

TF At The Moon: What are you most proud of about Beasticon thus far?

Just like our childhood dreams coming true, lol. We are simple people we just go after our simple dreams.

TF At The Moon: Have you thought about producing a recolour of Beasticon in "heroic colours" to represent the original concept of the figure who inspired this release?

Yes, from molding re-use considerations, we shall have this planning in the future. the basic is, we need make the first shot perfectly, then collectors will asking for more redeco, dosen't it?

TF At The Moon: Is there anything else you would like to share with the fan community?

Thanks for all the fans who are becoming our facebook fans and friends, that's fantastic to show you all the War Lord - Beasticons, because we are in the same persuit as you, do TF right,that's our target and what we endeavor on. Will keep updating our Facebook pages with more War Hawk, War Leo, War Panther, War Bull, War Rhino.

And good day for you.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles have posted a interview they have held with Botcon Organiser Pete Sinclair regarding the choice for next years convention to have a Machine Wars Theme.

What was the inspiration for a Machine Wars theme?
Pete Sinclair wrote:The inspiration here is a basically a "Machine Wars: Series 2." The 2013 BotCon offerings will work both as a stand alone AND as a continuation of the Machine Wars line. Once people read the fiction fans will see each toy from both series 1 and series 2 work as their own individual character.

Also, even if you did not grow up collecting Machine Wars, this set is going to be very appealing for many reasons and we anticipate that a wide range of collectors' will want to add these toys to their collections. They look really sharp!

You can read the interview in full here.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

eHobby Magazine has a three part interview with Hidetsugu Yoshioka, an illustrator who has been working with the Transformers brand from the beginning.

Part one is here:
Hidetsugu Yoshioka Special Interview Vol. 1 |

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Transformers Interviews and Articles board members SydneyY and Masabon have posted a translation of an interview with TakaraTomy team producer Noriaki Maeda which was recently published within Figure King magazine.

The interview consists of five questions:

1. Firstly, looking back upon this year's Transformers series, what are your thoughts?
2. What were the popular items in 2011, or the product sold unexpectedly well?
3. What were the reactions to the MechTech weapon giveaways and MechTech campaigns?
4. Why did you resume "United" series at this point?

The intervie­w explain why Arcee was released in a blue colour scheme as part of Darkside Moon in Japan, which was basically as a teaser for her appearance in Transformers: Prime to prepare the Japanese audience in advance.  Being a motorcycle Transformer, she proved popular with Japanese children which was a bit of a surprise to the TakaraTomy staff

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

­TakaraTomy have published a video on their YouTube channel with a video featuring their designers Hironori Kobayashi, Hisashi Yuki and Hisao Nishimoto discussing the Transformers figures Striker Optimus Prime, Leader Sentinel Prime as well as the Cyberverse series. The video can be viewed below and contains subtitles in English for non-Japanese speaker.


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Transformers Interviews and Articles have posted a translation of the interview with Kabaya staff members Mr. Koutaro Hayashi and Mr. Masakazu Kunimitsu which was published in the Transformers Generation Book 2011 Volume 2.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles­­ board members SydneyY and Masabon have posted a translation of the interview with Koujin Oono that was published within the Transformers Generations 2011 vol.2 which you can read over on their website.

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Transformers Interviews and Articles

Toy Industry magazine ­­Toy News's Samantha Loveday recently sat down with Hasbro Europe's Country Manager for UK &?Irelan, Foye Pascoe to discuss the recent success of the company.  Below are some quotes that contained Transformers related anwsers, but you can read the full article here.

How has the UK market performed so far this year? Are we in better shape than this time last year?
Hasbro UK has experienced a 14 per cent growth (UK NPD EPOS YTD June 2011). This is due to the strong performance of the recent Transformers movie, and a number of our key brands including Play-Doh, Furreal Friends and Nerf and our key licensed properties within the boy’s category.

What lines have performed well for you so far this year?
We are proud that we have experienced good performance across the full range of our toys and games.
Not only are some key films helping deliver the Transformers and Marvel toy lines, but we are also seeing growth of our classic brands such as Play-Doh, Furreal Friends, Nerf and Supersoaker.

Are there any sectors in particular which have stood out? Boys must have been boosted by the new Transformers lines, for example?
The boys segment has undoubtedly been boosted by a number of key films; Transformers Dark of the Moon has had a positive impact on the Transformers retail presence. Our alliance with Marvel has delivered strong product lines both for Captain America and Thor this year. Star Wars has had a good year and was the number one property in action figures UK (NPD EPOS YTD June 2011).

Finally, any hot tips from your 2012 product line to watch out for?
2012 will be another great year for action films for which we have a range of boys’ toys and games.

Star Wars re-mastered Episode One will hit cinemas in February. Battleship will preview in May, followed by the much-publicised Avengers film from Marvel later in the month.

The Amazing Spider-man will launch in July. Transformers will continue to connect with boys through Transformers Prime programming on Cartoon Network.

Within our girl’s portfolio, My Little Pony programming is currently on air on Boomerang and connecting with a whole new generation of girls.

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