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Darkside Moon - Gold Megatron

Welcome to the toy review, image gallery and information page for Darkside Moon Gold Megatron .

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  1. Frozen Megatron
  2. Megatron
  3. Megatron
  4. Fusion Blast Megatron
  5. Metallic Megatron
  6. Megatron

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Darkside Moon - Gold Megatron - Information

Takara-Tomy have been producing limited edition competition, or campaign prize toys, for some years. These were dubbed Lucky Draw toys by Transformers fans when they first came to Westerns attentions in the early 2000's through the release of the Black and Clear SixShot Transformers Encore toys and more predominant toys such as the Car Robots figures (Black Fire Convoy). The toys actually started in the 90's with Gold Beast Wars toys, and prior to that there were two chromed figures made into statues (G1 Optimus Prime in gold - twice, and a silver Chromedome). Pre-Transformers lines also have Chromed special figures, including what would later be referred to as Gold Jazz, Bluesteak and Magnum.

These figures proved very popular during the 2000's, up until the release of the first Transformers movie in 2007. Then some fake versions were released, and the demand drop. Many of these figures can now be found on ebay. However, with the release of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, known as Transformers Revenge in Japan, and the 3rd film (Dark of the Moon / Darkside Moon), something changed. Limited edition gold versions were produced, but none made it into Western hands. Even the majority of the Transformers Movie Lucky Draw toys didn't make it past Asia? Some questioned if the figures were actaully released, where as the truth is simplier. For some reason these movie toys proved very popular to collectors in the Far East (espiecally in Singapore, Japan and China).

The result of this popularity means that getting your hands of these latter edition Transformers Movie Lucky Draw figures is exceptionally hard. That said, Transformers At The Moon are never put off. We are renound for our love of these limited edition Japanese figures, and we're pleased to be able to count some of these toys as part of our collection.

The second Transformers Dark of the Moon Lucky Draw toy that we own is Gold Mech Tech Voyager Megtatron. We had the chance to get him and Sentinal Prime, but we couldn't afford both so we had to choose. We already had a regular Sentinal Prime toy, and Decepticon Lucky Draws are harder to come by (as less are made) so we went for Megatron.

The first part of this gallery will see In-The-Box images, and the second half will see Out-Of-The-Box images. It's taken a while to get hold of these highly popular (in the Far East) and thus very expensive figures, so we hope you like it.

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