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Transformers Animated

Many thanks go to Barry Shaw and Shawn Tony (TF2) for supplying us with images of Transformers Animated Voyager Bulkhead and the Unreleased Transformers Generation Two Motormaster figures.

Transformers Animated BulkheadUnreleased Motormaster Prototype figure

Both toys can be found in the respective Transformer Toy Galleries of Transformers and Transformers At The Moon.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Saturday, 18th October 2008 at 11:36:28 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

The US HasbroToyShop has been updated with several Transformers Animated and Transformers Universe features, profiles and images.

Bumper Battlers Night Watch Optimus Prime

If he has to fight OPTIMUS PRIME prefers to do it out in the open, and to keep it fair. He's wise enough to know that the DECEPTICONS don't feel the same way, so he uses his special night mode that lets him sneak up on the bad guys without being seen.

Gear up for on-the-go fun with this stealth truck vehicle! Press the robot down for vehicle mode or press the bumper and watch the robot pop right up! With fun electronic battle and speech sounds, this quick-conversion AUTOBOT leader is ready to roll out

Bumper Battlers Sting Racer Bumblebee

Racing into danger at top speed, BUMBLEBEE blasts electric stingers at every bad guy he sees. He may be the smallest member of the AUTOBOT crew, but he's also the fastest, and his stingers pack enough punch to put down almost any bad guy!

Gear up for on-the-go fun with this streetcar racer vehicle! Press the robot down for vehicle mode or press the bumper and watch the robot pop right up! With fun electronic battle and speech sounds, this quick-conversion AUTOBOT character is ready to roll out!


SWINDLE is a one-robot black market. He's only a DECEPTICON by default, since they're the ones who most often take advantage of his unbeatable deals on armor, weapons and combat systems. If it shoots, explodes, or focuses light into a beam intense enough to melt high-grade armor, SWINDLE will sell it to anyone. Anyone who can pay his price, that is. Most of his inventory, he scavenges from those who fall in battle, but he doesn't mind helping a crippled AUTOBOT all the way to the scrap heap before stripping him of his weapons.

Universe Legends Beachcomber

Team up with the AUTOBOT alliance and take on DECEPTICON forces! This quick conversion figure is ready for action and prepared for whatever adventure is in store! Battle even the mightiest opponents in robot mode and then convert the figure to dune buggy vehicle mode and roll out!

Meanwhile TFW2005 have received some stock images and informatin of two other Transformers Animated toys.


Name: Skywarp
Faction: Decepticons
Function: Fearful Super Pilot
Motto: They're heading right for us! Run!

Bio: Fearful Super Pilot
SKYWARP wouldnt call himself a coward. He'd call himself smart. So what if he runs away from combat? Fighting is dangerous! All those missiles and lasers could really hurt someone! As a clone of STARSCREAM, he's got all the power in and skill of the leader of the DECEPTICON air forces, but none of the courage or ambition. He could easily be one of the most dangerous DECEPTICONS of all time, but since he screams and runs away the second a shot is fired, he's mostly just a joke.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
- Gets shot in the back more than any other DECEPTICON
- Uses his teleportation ability to run away faster
- Even just seeing a picture of MEGATRON gives him nightmares

Shockwave / Longarm

Name: Shockwave
Faction: Decepticons
Motto: Secrets are the foundation of power.

Bio: SHOCKWAVE is the ultimate spy. Able to change his voice, energy signature, and even his appearance at will, he has spent years infiltrating the AUTOBOT power structure. Graduating near the top of the class from the AUTOBOT Academy, he moved through the ranks of the Elite Guard, eventually becoming head of the Intelligence Division. Not once did anyone suspect the bright, friendly AUTOBOT known as LONGARM of being a devious enemy spy.

* Expert code breaker and thief.
* Enjoys blackmailing AUTOBOTS in positions of power.
* Stole his AUTOBOT identity from old historical files.

The stock images can be seen below

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Friday, 17th October 2008 at 19:57:28 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Derrick Wyatt has posted another comment on his blog regarding the basic of the character personalities of Transformers Animated characters as well as hints as to how the Cassettes would be like if they were in the Transformers Animated series

"Any of the former cassettes we update would be based on their classic animal-like G1 cartoon selves. I know there is a very large part of the fandom that prefers the comic style talking Ratbat and whatnot, but I am not one of them. When I was a kid reading the Marvel comics, I never understood why the cartoon and comics were so different. Treacherous Shockwave, smart Grimlock, and talking Ratbat were just concepts I could never accept as a kid, and that bias is still with me. I did really enjoy the more evolved Beast Wars Ravage character, but I will always prefer the classic version. TFA's inspiration generally comes from the other animated series that proceeded it. That doesn't mean that we won't throw fans of the comics a bone now and again!

I should also say that I regularly read, and am a big fan of the modern age IDW comics. It's great to have Transformers comics with such cool art and stories."

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 08:39:44 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Derrick Wyatt has posted some sketches on his blog showing some of the large chin designs that he has been working on for the third season of Transformers Animated.

"Fear not Transfandom, I have heard your desperate pleas! I know the recent batch of leaked designs have all had shockingly, Earth and Cybertron shatteringly minuscule chins. But please do not despair! As we speak, I am working 'round the clock to develop new bigger, bolder, more powerful chins.

These new chins will be so bizarre and enormous they could actually impede the transformation process. Chins so massive, they have to be seen to be believed.

These new chins could even be so unstoppably huge and heroic, they may have even the simplest of Cybertronians bellowing out the names of common Earthen table utensils.

Hopefully this meager posting of images will assuage your fears, and calm the terrifying nightmares of horrible chinless robots you've all been having lately."

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 15th October 2008 at 09:02:19 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Hasbro have updated the freshly revamped with news that you can now watch full length episodes of TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED on Survival of the Fittest!

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 15th October 2008 at 08:50:39 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Kapow Toys have posted over on TFW2005 that the upcoming Transformers Animated 2-packs of Optimus Prime and Blackarachnia and Megatron and Prowl, will both be Walmart exclusives in the US.  Both Prime and Megatron will still be the battle damaged versions.  Also they report that Shockwave and Skywarp are set to ship at the end of October / start of November within the US.

Here is the text from the back of the box of the two double packs.

The Revenge of Blackarachnia

Long ago Optimus Prime was forced to abandon Blackarachnia in the caverns beneath the surface of an alien world. There she found herself surrounded by a terrifying horde of bizarre spiders and she was forced to reformat herself based on the strange organism to survive. The experience twisted her and drove her away from the autobots and left her with an undying desire for revenge on the former ally who left her to her fate. She has come to earth in search of Optimus Prime and she will not stop until she has destroyed him and everything he holds dear.

Battle In Space

In Space over a strange alien world Megatron carves his way through the hull of the autobot spaceship with his fusion cannon. Inside Prowl and his fellow autobots wait, knowing there is very little chance of defeating the Decepticon leader in a fight. Prowl knows his only chance is through stealth and skill. When it comes time to meet the mighty Megatron in combat he relies on his holographic projectors and speed to avoid being hit whilst tagging his opponent with every combat technique he knows. Unfortunately even his most powerful attacks bounce off the invincible armour of the Decepticon tyrant.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Monday, 13th October 2008 at 09:04:47 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Thanks to Rockimus Prime for letting Transformers know that MonkeyBar has been updated by Hasbro with yet another Transformers Animated short.  This time the short features the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Sunday, 12th October 2008 at 12:43:36 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

In his latest comment against the Prowl concept art, Derrick Wyatt posted the following comment.

"Eric Siebenaler from Hasbro showed me his concept for Oilslick right from the get go. I was too busy with show stuff to give much input, but liked what he had done anyway. How could I not like a bot with a Mr. Freeze tank on his head and a ram skull on his shoulder? We really consider Eric to be part of the show's creative team anyway. I'm sure it is hard for Hasbro to coordinate everything. Since Marty Isenberg actually wrote the Transformers Animated: The Arrival comic for IDW himself, we consider that part of the show continuity. I got to do some designs for the IDW comic as well. Marty also was involved with the story for the Nintendo DS game. Having the show creators involved in these types of projects really helps them feel more like they are all part of the same universe.

There are absolutely TONS of G1 concepts that are practically begging to be in Animated. Maybe some of them will get to.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Saturday, 11th October 2008 at 09:59:02 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

After the "terrible but turning out to not be that bad" news for UK Transformers Animated fans it is unfortunately time for us to bring you some bad news after all.  We have been in touch with Entertainment Rights who hold the International Distribution rights for Transformers Animated and asked them for an update on the UK terrestrial airing situation for Transformers Animated.  The answer was that GMTV, who are the station who have been in negotiations for broadcasting the show, have been some what slow in their discussions with Entertainment Rights.  We have been told that there is still a chance that the show will air in the Spring of 2009 to coincide with the release of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

However, and before anyone starts to moan, we (the collected Transformers fans from around the world) can change this and ER have given us their blessing to create a petition for fellow Transformers fans to sign to show GMTV the support and demand that exists to have the current Transformers show broadcast on a free-to-air channel within the UK.  As such we have created a petition over at which we urge you all to go and sign.  We will be passing the URL along to Entertainment Rights who, assuming the support is strong enough, can present it directly to GMTV.  So what are you waiting for.  Go sign it and spread the links

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 8th October 2008 at 19:19:03 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers AnimatedUpdate: At the request of Titan Magazines we have removed the image.  There appears to have been some confusion between Titan and its licensor regarding the release of the image which Titan made available to us.  If you are republishing this image on another website, we urge you to also remove the image.

It gives us pleasure to announced that can bring you an exclusive first look at a new Transformers Animated character that will be introduced into the Transformers Animated world in issue one of the upcoming UK exclusive Transformers Animated comic from Titan Magazines.  The character is none-other than Sideswipe!  He will debut with in originated strip called Sideswiped which has been written by Simon Furman with pencils and inks by John McCrea.

You can view an inked image of this character on the Sideswipe comic images section of

This image will be sent out to other websites on Friday, but is currently exclusive to

A note to fellow webmasters, please link to the news story at and do not mirror this image until it is sent out with the official release on Friday

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Tuesday, 7th October 2008 at 17:15:03 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers AnimatedUpdated with release date

We can now end the speculation regarding the state of Transformers Animated within the UK by bringing you word direct from the brand manager at Hasbro UK, who has been in meetings for most of the day, and here it is:

"Transformers Animated is not being discontinued in the UK and we do have plans to bring in Wave 4.5 later in 2008"

So that's it, you can stop panicking.  The wave has been delayed and not cancelled.  Hopefully we'll be able to bring you confirmation later of whether the wave will be released in November of December shortly

UPDATE: Hasbro UK have told us that Wave 4.5 will now due for release on the first week of November.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Tuesday, 7th October 2008 at 16:36:47 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

We've been holding back on reporting this news until more concrete information was available but we've taken the decision to post it now and then update it as more information becomes available.

Yesterday Kapow toys reported, via TFW2005, that they had"received a phone call from one of my suppliers this afternoon with regard to the Transformers Animated line, many retailers have wave 4.5 on pre-order from Hasbro, this includes Swoop, Sentinel Prime etc, the bad news is that I received a warning that the line may be cancelled before wave 4.5 and not to offer pre-orders for the figures.".  Many fans missed the "may be" part of the post and reacted thinking that the toyline and cartoon had be shelved in the UK meaning that other countries might follow suit.  Since then both Kapow and ourselves have contacted Hasbro UK for clarification.

This morning Kapow received additional information that Wave 4.5 was being cancelled, nothing was mentioned regarding further wave or the line in general.  Now before anyone panics, it is our belief that this news will turn out to be that just Wave 4.5 has been cancelled.  If you look back at the breakdown report that we posted, you will see that Wave 4.5 only included one new toy, the recoloured Bumblebee as Elite Guard Bumblebee.  The other two main toys from that Wave (Swoop and Sentinal Prime) are also due for release as part of Wave 4.  Therefore things will not be as bad as many fans fear.  Future UK waves have not been announced, but it is quiet likely that Hasbro do not want to change the stock that is on the shelves again too close to Christmas.

Both wave 4 and Wave 4.5 were scheduled for release within the UK this month (October 2008), the same month that the UK exclusive Transformers Animated comic is released.  It should also be noted that a Terrestrial channel is supposedly going to start airing Transformers Animated from next year.

Again, the latest on this news story is that wave 4.5 has been cancelled.  Further updates will be made as more information becomes available.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Tuesday, 7th October 2008 at 11:33:49 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Titan Books have sent out another promotional wallpaper to advertise the upcoming UK exclusive Transformers Animated Comic which is being released under the Titan Magazines Kids banner.  The wallpaper features Optimus Prime and can be downloaded from the Wallpaper section of

The UK Transformers Animated comic is out on the 23rd October 2008 and you can create a subscription by visitng the Titan website.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Monday, 6th October 2008 at 18:44:05 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers AnimatedTerraDestroyer has posted artwork for the comic which comes with the Transformers Animated two pack of Jetfire and Jetstorm.TerraDestroyers has uploaded page 13andpage 14 from the latter half of the book to DeviantArt to give a taste of what this full length, 24 page pack in comic will be like.

The other part of the book will feature art by The Boo and colors are provided throughout by Liam Shalloo.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Monday, 6th October 2008 at 13:52:13 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Animated

Derrick Wyatt has posted yet another comment over on his message board regarding Transformers Animated series 3 as well as what influences the Transformers Animated staff.  You can find a quote below.

"My influences are some of the things mentioned above, mixed with a heavy dose of 80's cartoons (Mighty Orbots and others), Hanna Barbera, 2000AD comics, anything Gainax does, Robert Valley and Jamie Hewlett, the list goes on and on. For the design of the new TFA series, I wanted to get back to basics with the Transformers, while splicing in some of that Orbots and ABC Warriors look and feel. It's also been my scheme all along to get new toys made of my old favorite Transformers.

TriBlurr, I think your Beachcomber is pretty close to what we did. I kept his face Smurfy-blue, and colored him all blue from the waste down, so he looks like he's wearing pants and no shoes. Get a job, Beachcomber, you worthless slacker!

The twins jet modes might have a little old school sci-fi tv inspiration in them, yes.

Wow, the Sailor Moon fans are out in force! Sailor Moon probably influenced at least every female crew member that works on Transformers Animated. I'm not sure how much of that ends up in the show. Do you have a specific example of what you think it was influential in?

Blackout is the ANIMATED Blackout. Spittor does have a bot mode. Into space. No hints on Sari.

Category: Transformers Animated | Submitted by: quartz - on: Sunday, 5th October 2008 at 12:12:37 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

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