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Transformers Cartoons

Below you can listen to the cut dialogue from the Transformers Generation One cartoon episode Dinobot Island Part 2

This video contains audio taken from a slugged tape acquired from a former MP/Sunbow producer. Full and dialogue scripts for the episode can be downloaded from the Sunbow Marvel Archive: - Dialogue Script -‚Äč - Full Script:





BARBARIAN: Ura manamabirno! Ramballalala uramala!

HUFFER: What a great time to hit rush-hour traffic!



SUNSTREAKER: Hey, watch it! I just had my chassis wax and buffed!

DRIVER: Yeah?!? If that hairy elephant sits on you, they'll have to get you out with a can opener... hey, wait a second, whose driving the car?

SUNSTREAKER: I am! Now what's on your mind?

DRIVER: I didn't see what I thought I saw... I didn't... didn't... didn't



IRONHIDE: Now... where's Spike and Bumblebee?

HOUND: I'm getting an Autobot reading... from there.





** DELETED AUDIO with Wally Direction ** 

BARBARIAN Body English Take 1


MEGATRON: Good work, Decepticons! Continue to harvest this bounty of primeval energies there's no one to stop us now! (laughs)

BARBARIAN: Gunda nah? Naga gunda? Wunga ga dindy! Dindy wah!



IRONHIDE: We gott do somethin', Optimus.





Body English Dialogue for Sideswipe and Huffer - take one





Isolated body English - take 2 as they push them through the time warp






SPIKE: Say, Optimus! I know who might be able to figure out what happened! Chip -- and Teletraan I!



STARSCREAM: Megatron, this island is unstable! We must evacuate!

MEGATRON: You mean that you a Decepticon Warrior First Class, fear a few tremors?

STARSCREAM: Well, not o"fear" exactly

MEGATRON: We stay! Until all the island's energy belongs to us!



OPTIMUS PRIME: I am still confused about the cause of the time warp.


CHIP CHASE: Teletraan I should solve the mystery, Optimus Prime -- with the right input.

SPIKE WITWICKY: You'll do it, Chip.






OPTIMUS PRIME: Two time warps?

** DELETE AUDIO though Wheeljack was animated to speak in the episode **

WHEELJACK: Two time warps?





SEASPRAY: I know what you mean, Tracks! 


SEASPRAY: I actually prefer prefer my Hovercraft form to robot mode


SEASPRAY: But different strokes for different blokes!





Wally directing Tracks "push strain" body engligh







Wally scene 103 Motorcycle gang being routed, take 2 plus lower pitch





RED ALERT: Not in this direction, boys! Don't you dare! Pitch in, Inferno, or do you want me to do it all by myself?



INFERNO: Nifty, neat, nice going, Red Alert. Now


INFERNO: Let me put out their fire for good!





WHEELJACK: Somethin' is makin' this volcano active again!

**** SCENE 3 ***


CHIP: Not surprising. Something has disrupted the energies on Dinobot Island... the same energies that kept it unchanged for millions of years. But now holes have been ripped in the "time flow", and if something isn't done fast, the instability could destroy the fabric of time itself!  And the Earth - the entire Universe - will disintegrate into chaos!


OPTIMUS PRIME: The energy disruptions on Dinobot Island have activated this volcano as well





MEGATRON: I don't care if the entire Earth explodes! We can always relocate


MEGATRON: to any place in the Universe!










Wally directing Dinobot b-dialogue for reactions






OPTIMUS PRIME: The Decepticons are here! I knew they were at the bottom of this!

IRONHIDE: Those crypto-ferric rat finks!


OPTIMUS PRIME: If that stolen energy is taken from this area






BEACHCOMBER: Like, I hope we don't destroy this place before we can study it! Ooh, wow! (chuckles)





WARPATH: Hang in there, Beachcomber! Here comes the cavalry! (laughs)


WARPATH: Hey, Blitzwing! Tank you! (laughs)





OPTIMUS PRIME: Stop! Lay down all weapons! The fighting increases the time disruption! This is Optimus Prime, all Autobots cease fire"

MEGATRON: You heard him, Decepticons! Unarmed Autobots will fall before our firepower!


SLUDGE: Uhh, now, Grimlock? We attack Decepticons now?





Dinobots marching to war b-dialgoue




MEGATRON: Victory is near. I want to savour this moment! Never mind the Autobots! Repel those monsters!



MEGATRON: Back, you three horned horror .. oof 

STARSCREAM Watch out for it's .... tail

DIRGE: Put me down!! Ohh nooooooo

SKYWARP: Nothing slows them down!



MEGATRON: If only one Decepticon survives this assault, it shall be I!




Wally Directing 164-A and 164-B






OPTIMUS PRIME: The Dinobots have not only proved they can control their powers, they have also demonstrated that they have great value to our cause. They will remain at Autobot Headquarters from now on



OPTIMUS PRIME: Finally, Trailbreaker's forcefield will insure that the myserious energies of Dinobot Island will be secure 'til the end of time.

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Transformers Cartoons

James Eatock (Cereal Geek) has revealed more of his finds of never-seen-before Generation One preproduction material via Instagram.

Following on from the blue Bluestreak cell and animation colour sheet James revealed a coloured animation cell of Ravage with his original blue and red colour scheme!

This was followed up by a look at an early concept of Mirage who looks instantly recognisable and yet also instantly different at the same time.

Finally, James revealed another art piece last night which he refers to as an early promotional sketch that would later evolve into the cover for the Panini sticker album!

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Transformers Cartoons

This is an original recording from the 1984 Transformers Cartoon featuring a one on one session between director Wally Burr and actor Chris Latta.

The session was to record four minutes of library sounds for the Decepticon Laserbeak.

For 32 years it was believed that Frank Welker was the voice of Laserbeak.  Whilst posting some of the original Transformers Generation One session recordings it was noticed, by Chris McFeely, that the Laserbeak squawks sounded like Chris Latta.  Further recordings would indeed prove this hypothesis.

Please sit back and enjoy this previously never hear session between two Transformers greats.  

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Transformers Cartoons

 The latest video containing previously unheared Transformers Cartoon diagloue from the Generation One Season One episode The Ultimate Doom Part Two is now available on YouTube.


 Here is a transcript from the video

 700-09 Transformers show


Wally Burr gets Frank Welker to redo a ravage snarl

Burr: Eleven.  This is Eleven Ravage Take one

Welker: Various snarls


As Rumble prepares to use his pile drivers the ground cracks.  Megatron commands Soundwave to use disruptor waves against the Autobots.

Wally has the actors read three levels (A,B,C) of groans.

The scene is introduced by Jazz

Actors: Various groans


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire **

Wheeljack: Amazing! This volcano is becoming active again"

Optimus Prime; Autobots! Transform!

Skyfire: Holy halogen luminators!

**Skyfire swiftly transformers into jet mode and intercepts the endangered Autobots.

Skyfire: Have no fear, Jetfire is here!  *amended line*


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire

Optimus Prime: I'm not certain, but for the moment, I feel we must not let the boy find out.

Spike: Find out what?

Optimus Prime: Spike, we have information that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron.

Spike: Dad? On Cybertron? Optimus Prime, let me take Jetfire. We'll get him back. *amended*


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire **

Autobots: Cheer

Trailbreaker: Let's see the trajectory map, Jetfire. *amended*

Skyfire: Roger. Coming up.

Trailbreaker: There's our position now. When we reach this point, I'll activate a jammer beam to mess up their scanners.

Bumblebee: Uh-oh, I think it's too late. Look!

Wheeljack: Jetfire! Missile shields up! *amended*



Once on Cyberton Spike falls into a trap and is quickly followed by Bumblebee.  The Autobots send Brawn in to help.

Spike: Yahh-ooww

Bumblebee: I'm comin' with ya!

Wheeljack: Brawn, follow them! We won't fit!

Brawn: Gotcha, Wheeljack!

Spike: I blew it, guys. We're sunk now!

Brawn: Not yet, we aren't.

Bumblebee: What is it?

Brawn: A ventilator shaft. It might be a way out.

Bumblebee: You really think so?

Brawn: Got any better ideas?

Spike: Which way?

**A panel lowers down behind them, closing off their retreat.**

Brawn: Forward.

**The following scene was removed**

Spike: It's getting warm in here!

Spike: Ouch .. ooohh

Spike: Ohh, this metal's hot as an oven!

Brawn: Here, climb on.

Spike: *breaths in*

Brawn: Must be some kind of automatic security system.  The heat is supposed to burn out any foreign substances ..... us

Bumblebee: I'm not a foriegn substance, this is my home planet!

Spike: **gasping struggling for breath** I..I can't ... take ..much ... more

Brawn: And you won't have to

Spike: Yells, ahh ahh ohh, ohh

**End of new scene**


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Transformers Cartoons

Transformers War of the Dinobots Extended And Delete Audio

This video contains audio that was cut from the Transformers Generation One episode War of the Dinobots. The audio has been taken from an original cassette tape from the original recording sessions. You can read a transcript of the dialogue in the description below 

The full script is available to download at thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely

#### Wally Burr Intro ####

*NEW* WALLY: Ah this is Transformers War of the Dinobots 700-07

#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: I always worry about the Decepticons, Spike. Autobots, transform.

CHIP: Thanks for comin' so fast. According to my calculations, the meteor should hit sometime tonight.

*NEW* HOUND: Maybe I can help Chip. I'll make a hologram of the meteor's final destination. Here! It will land in that deserted section of the city in 7 thousand astro-seconds.

OPTIMUS PRIME: The meteor could be an energy source of incalculable strength.

IRONHIDE: Then we'd better get to it before the Decepticons do.

#### Extended Scene ####

MEGATRON: Soundwave, discover the Dinobots' soft spots.

SOUNDWAVE: As you command, Megatron.

*NEW* LAZERBEAK: [shriek]

*NEW* RAVAGE: [snarls]

#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: Everyone, take cover!

*NEW* LAZERBEAK: [shriek]

IRONHIDE: Spike, move it!

#### Extended Scene ####

MEGATRON: Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker! Transport the meteorite to the place I've selected.

*NEW* MEGATRON: The rest of you join them -- while I remain behind to discuss a plan with our brilliant Dinobot allies.

MEGATRON: If it please you, o superior ones, might one as unworthy as I suggest a course of action to assist in the destruction of our enemy Optimus Prime?

#### Extended Scene ####

WHEELJACK: If this fragment is typical, the meteorite is just cooking with unstable energies. It's liable to explode at any second.

TRAILBREAKER: Not if I can help it!

*NEW* TRAILBREAKER: I really got a bang out of that! [laughts]

CHIP CHASE:If the whole meteorite explodes...

WHEELJACK: there's no telling what might happen.

#### Extended Scene ####

SIDESWIPE: Great! I 'm finally gonna get in a fight!

*NEW* PROWL: Wind? My motor reflex circuits weren't prepared for wind!

#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: I do not want to fight you, but you leave me no choice.

*NEW* MEGATRON: Megatron calling Starscream, our Dinobots have triumphed! I shall rejoin you now.

OPTIMUS PRIME: Please! This is senseless! We are friends!

#### Body English Scene ####

*NEW* WALLY: Good and the B dialogue trying to get up, body english for 95, b dialogue take onw

PRIME: [body english]

GRIMLOCK: Goodbye, friend. You are weak, so you must be destroyed!

PRIME: [body english]

SLUDGE: Optimus Prime ... terminated?

#### MISSING Scene ####

*NEW* CHIP: No word yet from Optimus Prime yet, Wheeljack?

*NEW* SPIKE: Don't worry about Optimus, Chip, he can handle anything ... especially when he's got the help of three loyal Dinobots

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Transformers Cartoons

This video contains the cut and altered studio audio from the Transformers Generations One cartoon episode Fire In The Sky. The audio is from an original slugged cassette and if from the sessions when Skyfire was still referred to as Jetfire. This audio was never used in the final released version.

You can download the script -

Please find the transcript of the audio below.

#### Extended Scene ####

SKYWARP: We... we found something!

MEGATRON: So you did. Starscream, I want a clearer look.

STARSCREAM: You shall have it, leader.

MEGATRON: It appears to be a robot of unknown classification.

*NEW* RUMBLE: Look out -- You'll damage him! Let me do it ..

*NEW* STARSCREAM: Stay back! I've had enough of your bungling today! Wha---?!

*NEW* MEGATRON: Rumble's right -- I don't want the creature damaged. We may be able to revive him!

MEGATRON: With his size and probable strength, he will make an excellent Decepticon!


#### Extended Scene with switched audio ####

THUNDERCRACKER: Whatever it is, being on ice kept it fresh.

SKYWARP: But not perfect. Info center's down.

SOUNDWAVE: Also, cybermotor relays are useless **MOVED IN FINAL VERSION** 

STARSCREAM: Then give him 50.000 volts to activate his memory monitor!

MEGATRON: Starscream, why are you so concerned about this creature?

STARSCREAM: Because I knew him once, a long time ago on Cybertron. Again! This time a million volts!

*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Converting wrist unit to nuclear-fusion cannon ... and ... firing!

STARSCREAM: Memory monitor activating!

MEGATRON: You knew him?

STARSCREAM: His name is Jetfire.


#### Extended Scene ####

STARSCREAM: Jetfire and I were both explorers from Cybertron.

MEGATRON:That must have been shortly before our final falling-out with the Autobots. 

*NEW* MEGATRON: They refused to join us in our conquest of the universe so we declared war on them and all their weakling breed.

STARSCREAM: Yes. Skyfire and I were exploring what was an uncharted planet at that time. This one. Earth.


#### Extended Scene ####

JETFIRE: Aaahh... aahh... What happened? Starscream... it's you. You have... rescued me. But where am I? This is not Cybertron.

STARSCREAM: No. This is Earth, where you crashed many years ago.

*NEW* JETFIRE: How long have I been ... dysfunctional?

*NEW* STARSCREAM: Too long! Much has changed Jetfire.

*NEW* JETFIRE: But I will soon be operational again and we will resume our scientific explorations!

MEGATRON: I am Megatron, Jetfire.


#### Extended Scene ####

SKYFIRE: Destruction to all Autobots!

*NEW* IRONHIDE: He's a Decepticon!

*NEW* PRIME: Seek cover and return fire!

*NEW* IRONHIDE: You can dish it out, big fellah, but can you take it?!

SPARKPLUG WITWICKY: Hit the ice, Spike! He's gonna fire again!



#### Extended Scene ####

OPTIMUS PRIME:Possibly. There are hundreds of tunnels down here!

SPIKE WITWICKY: Please, help!

*NEW* SPARKPLUG: Can you hear us!

CLIFFJUMPER: Spike and Sparkplug!

OPTIMUS PRIME: Cliffjumper, be cautious!

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Transformers Cartoons

We're back with the next episode in our series looking at missing and altered scenes from the Transformers Generation One cartoon series. 

This video primarily covers Episode 8 - S.O.S Dinobots and is taken from an unslugged tape of a recording where both Ken Samson and Casey Kasem were not present. However it starts with a single quote from a slugged tape of Fire in the Sky where you shall hear Starscream, voiced by Chris Latta, refer to Skyfire as Jetfire! Your ears are not deceiving you, the tape that we own is from a session that was recorded before Jetfire was renamed as Skyfire. We do not, at the time of this videos publication, own and unslugged audio from this episode and so we shall not be producing a dedicated video for that episode.

You can download the full episode script from thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely and can view a transcript of the audio below the video.



WALLY BURR: This is Transformers 700-05 from the top


==== Extended Scene ====

IRONHIDE: No Decepti-creeps, but there is somethin' weird in there.

*NEW* PRIME: Danger! Rock fracture imminent!

*NEW* SPIKE: Thanks, Optimus!

## Brawns dialogue changes order ##

BRAWN: Hey, there's a cavern in there!

BRAWN: Get your pistons pumping, Sideswipe!

BRAWN: Let's clean up this mess.

*NEW* SIDESWIPE: *grumbles* ... the greatest fighting machine in the universe and they make me a janitor!

SIDESIPE: Well, I'll be a cybertronic boltbat! What are they?

WHEELJACK: Feels like stone, but they look like the bones of some giant creature.


=== Extended Scene ====

VISITOR: As long as the water goes over the great falls, the generators will keep producing electrical energy.

*NEW* SOUNDWAVE: Lazerbeak return!

*NEW* Lazerbeak: 

SOUNDWAVE: Data gathering complete, Reflector.

REFLECTOR: Then let's go, Soundwave. Megatron awaits our report.


==== Wally Covers Hound ====

*NEW* WALLY BURR: This is exciting Spike et cetera, go to Spike at 21 and eerrrr errr coming up the steps, going into the museum, go Spike take 1


==== The word "Hound" is cut badly from the episode ===

*Altered* SPIKE WITWICKY: Careful Hound, don't bump your head.



SPIKE WITWICKY: There. Why don't you get some holograms of those babies? The Brontosaurus, the Triceratops, and finally the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

*NEW* WALLY: Now that's good that's got a shiny little, ah we skip Hound and we go onto the top of the next page and Prime kinda of scratches his chin and says ..

OPTIMUS PRIME: Very impressive.

*NEW* HUFFER: hmmmphf, they look pretty stupid to me.

*NEW* SPIKE: We also recorded a cassette from the museum's film library with some fantastic special effects. Ok Hound, change the channel.

SPIKE WITWICKY: There they are guys. Dinosaurs



*NEW* WALLY: Good, very good, cut for a second. Now its [snip]b[snip] uhhh ... Dinobots roaring, Slag first, take one and I'll keep it going, break it up so I can get uh razorblade into it occasionally and it's take one

SLAG: *roars* x2

*NEW* WALLY: Wouldn't it have been better if it worked .. give me a sample of it first

SLAG: *roar*

*NEW* WALLY: two, this is two, go!

SLAG: *roars* x17

*NEW* WALLY: and this is Grimlock. Same routine, vary it in pace, some kind of little inquisitory things, some little startles, some backoffs, some question marks over your head, all sorts of little things, Grimlock take one

GRIMLOCK: *sfx* x15

*NEW* WALLY: And this is Sludge, same variety of stuff and ...

SLUDGE: *sfx* x17




*NEW* WALLY: Bluestreak will be done later, it's Casey, Prowl take one!

*NEW* Prowl: Woah!



*NEW* LITTLE BOY: Mommy, look! Spacemen!

*NEW* MOTHER: Oh, you've been seeing too many monster movies lately

SKYWARP: You wanna fight us, you germs?


==== WALLY SITS IN ====

SPIKE WITWICKY: Until Teletraan 1's operational again, it's up to us to check on Decepticon activity, Hound.

*NEW* WALLY: "I enjoy it" he says and he comes down and we have Optimus Prime coming up with a speech at 88 and its take one, I've just called in and I've said "Hound calling Optimus Prime. Enemy sighted."

OPTIMUS PRIME: Acknowledged, Hound. We'll meet you at the falls in 8,000 astroseconds.



*NEW* WALLY: and we skip .. err .. and we go to 95 here on Optimus Primo and take one

OPTIMUS PRIME: I don't detect any Decepticons.

*NEW* WALLY: "Hound's got glitch" that takes us into Hound "No, we're in the right place. Those electronic signals are stronger than ever."

MEGATRON: Right you are, Autobot! Forward, warriors! Take them!



STARSCREAM: You're too slow, rusty pants!

IRONHIDE: Aw, shut up and fight!

*NEW* TRAILBREAKER: C'mon, guys -- let's mash these trash cans!

*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: You were saying, metal mouth?

*NEW* PRIME: Spike -- take cover!

*NEW* SUNSTREAKER: Keep blasting, brother. We're up to our relays in Decepticons.

RUMBLE: Nice shootin', if you were aimin' for the sky!



STARSCREAM: What now, Megatron? Surely a little bath hasn't ended our Autobot problem.

*NEW* MEGATRON: Hardly, but the water has weakend them enough to make them powerless to resist.

MEGATRON: We shall retrieve their short-circuited carcasses and prepare them for permanent disfunction.

STARSCREAM: What now, Megatron? Surely a little bath hasn't ended our Autobot problem.

*NEW* MEGATRON: They're finished! *laughs*



GRIMLOCK: We do as told ... for now.

*NEW* WHEELJACK: Ok so they're not neat.

*NEW RATCHET: Wheeljack, wait! Give the Dinobot these powerpacks.


==== BODY ENGLISH ====

* Comes after Prime*

*NEW* WALLY: and, er, Ironhide, same stuff, 138 take one.

IRONHIDE: *groans*

*NEW* WALLY: And, er, third character, er for 138 and go!


==== CLEAN SFX ====

SLAG: *roars*

GRIMLOCK: *roars*

SLUDGE: *roars*



SKYWARP: Heat-seeking missiles, seek heat!

*NEW* SKYWARP: Guess that'll show 'em. Uggh, urrhj

SKYWARP: Yaaaaahh!



*NEW* SOUNDWAVE: Not funny Skywarp.

*NEW* SKYWARP: D' you see me laughing?

*NEW* REFELCTOR: Confused dum-dum, let me add to your confusion! ha-ha

MEGATRON: We must keep fighting at all costs! I will lead us to victory yet!

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Transformers Cartoons

The next video in our series covering the missing dialogue from the Transformers Generation One Sunbow / Marvel Productions cartoon episodes.

This video covers Roll For It. The transcript of the audio is too long for the description so please see the pastebin link below.


Dan Gilvezan was not present for the studio session where this recording originates from and, as such, his characters dialogues are missing.

You can also find the full script thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely over on Google Drive. Full Script:

Please note that the script linked to above is an older draft from the one used for this studio session

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Transformers Cartoons

Jim Sorenson updated his blog the Disciples of Boltax during the week with another Ark Addendum.† This weeks entry was entitled The Ark Addendum - Desertion of the Dinobots (part 1) and, as the name suggest, features some character sheets from the Generation One Cartoon Episode, Desertion of the Dinobots.

Here is Jim's take on this weeks entry "Usually on multipart episodes I just mix up the models, as they tend to be pretty similar thematically.† Not this time though, no.† Part one gives us a nice variety of Earthen backgrounds.† We start out at the EJK Science Complex - I love the vault there.† When the Decepticon attack on that is foiled, Spike relaxes at the Fun A Rama amusement park before heading to the Central City Airport to pick up his dad.† Finally, after the Decepticon base there is rooted out, they go to recharge at the DLP Electric plant.† One thing that's interesting to me is how each of the places they visit has a name, at least on the model sheet.† I wonder what that's about.† "

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Transformers Toy Galleries
Oiler Oiler
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Transformers related trademarks filed with the USPTO
Hasbro Inc submitted a trademark application for MARK ONLY with the USPTO on the Wednesday, 30th November -0001. The mark was submitted within the category and currently has as status of .
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Choose Your Fate Choose Your Fate
We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
Transformers Videos
Ep 11: Autobots Vs Decepticons Ep 11: Autobots Vs Decepticons
Having arrived on Earth, Lugnut and Blitzwing start tearing up a contruction yard in order to draw out the Autobots and find Megatron. You'll notice the humans are based on Spike and Sparkplug from the original Transformers cartoon series/ ....
Transformers Conventions and Events
OTFCC 2003 (USA) OTFCC 2003 (USA)
We loved the Transformers Choose Your Fate books as kids, and even wrote a text adventure in their style for an old version of Transformers At The Moon. Here you can find images from these puzzle-books, both UK and US ....
Transformers Toysheets
US Sheet 1 US Sheet 1
The scans contained within this gallery are taken from our own Transformers toysheet collection. This is the first US Transformers toysheet. ....
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Transformers Animated Transformers Animated
The instruction scans contained within this gallery with the watermark were originally from the Chinese TF08 website. They have been added here as a mirror. ....
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Transformers At The Moon is a fan created website regarding those Robots In Disguise from Hasbro Inc and TakaraTomy better known as The Transformers. This website was established in October 1999 and has been running ever since.

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