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Transformers Movie News

The official website of Michael Bay has updated his website with a new statement from the Hollywood movie director confirming that he has signed Jack Reynor to star along side Mark Wahlberg in the fourth live-action Transformers movie which is due to start production this year.  In the same statement Mr Bay throws in a comment that this film will be the first of a new trilogy of films.  You can read the full statement below.

"I just hired a great new actor for Transformers 4 to star against Mark Wahlberg. Jack Reynor, he is an Irish kid that came to America with 30 bucks in his pocket. Pretty ballsy. Seriously who does that? Anyway I spotted him in a great little Irish movie WHAT RICHARD DID. This kid is the real deal.

Transformers 4, is not a reboot. That word has been floating around on the net.

This movie takes place exactly 4 years after the war in Chicago. The story makes a very natural transition, and reason as to why we have a whole new cast. This Transformers will feel very different than the last three. We are embarking on a new trilogy.


Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 9th January 2013 at 08:22:15 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

You will no doubt notice some Transformers and non-Transformers websites reporting that they have a copy of the Transformers 4 script. This script if fake. We received a report of this script on the 11th December at 9:31am and decided not to publish since it is clearly not true. However since the news story is starting to do the rounds we wanted to posted the "report" we received to help highlight the background of the document

Below is the news submission we received. Again the script is fake, it does not fit with what is known regarding the fourth live action Transformers film and contains references to characters which will be too costly to put onto the big screen and not enough Human focus:

"A friend of mine is in the document disposal business, he works for a company similar to this:
The actual company I will not disclose since doing so could easily cost him his job, based on what follows...
The other day he was going about his business, when he came upon the document that is linked below. Needless to say he was torn given the implications, but took a risk and saved it from destruction. He passed it along to me to let me weigh in on it, and I do believe this is worthy. What is has going for it:
It pretty much meshes with everything that has been revealed so far, and promises to be an epic story.
What it doesn't have going for it:
It was in a disposal bin awaiting destruction.
So it could be one of two things, an early draft, which is being revised, or there were one to many copies floating around so they decided to elminate the excess. Either way I think it's significant since it lets us know what they are thinking...
These links will likely expire quickly, that's why I have provided two different sites.
Merry Christmas
Darth Chaleo
P.S.  I did some checking, and since it was considered refuse, there shouldn't any issue with posting it.  But the main thing is you don't actually poesses it, nor did you upload it, but I've covered my tracks just in case."

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Monday, 17th December 2012 at 08:27:44 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Twitch are reporting that Brenton Thwaites and Nicola Peltz have joined the Mark Wahlberg as members of the cast for Transformers 4. Nicola Peltz will play "Marky Marks" daughter in the film whilst Brenton Thwaites will play her boyfriend.

The 23 year old Australian born Brenton Thwaites, is best known for portraying Luke Gallagher in the Fox8 teendrama series SLiDE as well as the Home and Away character Stu Henderson, whilst 17 year old Nicola Peltz is best known for her role as Katara in the The Last Airbender.

Update: In an update on, Michael Bay's site admin posted that the story reported by Twitch is false. However, Twitch were the first site to report Mark Wahlberg joining the franchise and S4tE have been wrong in the past. So for now, this story should be treated as a  40/60 chance of being true

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Tuesday, 11th December 2012 at 09:25:11 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

It's been confirmed that Mark Wahlberg will be taking over the lead role in the Transformers franchise.  Below you will find the official release of the news

HOLLYWOOD, CA (November 8, 2012) – After an exceptionally successful collaboration on the upcoming “Pain and Gain,” Michael Bay has cast Academy Award®-nominee Mark Wahlberg in the highly anticipated “TRANSFORMERS 4.” The film will hit theaters June 27th, 2014.

“Mark is awesome. We had a blast working on “Pain and Gain” and I’m so fired up to be back working with him. An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the Transformers’ legacy,” said Bay.
Bay will direct the next installment in the “TRANSFORMERS” series, which begins shooting next spring. From Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom, Inc., in association with Hasbro, the film will be produced by Don Murphy & Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Ian Bryce, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Bay, Brian Goldner and Mark Vahradian.

Bay’s first “TRANSFORMERS” film was a box office sensation in 2007, opening at #1 and earning more than $700 million worldwide. His second installment “TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN” in 2009 grossed more than $830 million worldwide. In 2011, “TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON” was an even bigger hit worldwide, grossing more than a billion dollars to become the 5th highest grossing film of all time. To date, the franchise has earned more than $2.6 billion worldwide.

No word as yet on who his female companion will be though

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Friday, 9th November 2012 at 09:09:52 GMT | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Paramount Pictures have begun casting for the new lead roles in Transformers 4 which is currently being referrered to simply as the "Untitiled Transformers Sequel" by studio representatives.  Filming for Transformers 4 will begin in April / May 2013 with an aim for a June 27th 2014 release. The casting call being published over on

The casting call asks for a lead female role (18 or over) who can play "high-school senior age" as well as a male who will play her on screen boyfriend who is a Texas race car driver in his early 20s.

The screen play is once again by Ehren Kruger (Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon).

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Thursday, 18th October 2012 at 07:15:49 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Paramount Pictures granted a license to developers who plan to create a theme park in north Kent here in England which, at £2bn, is aimed to rival Disneyland Paris.  The Paramount Pictures themed park could include a copy of Transformers: The Ride, if it goes ahead - Read more on the BBC.

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Monday, 8th October 2012 at 14:44:51 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Glen Moreshower has been quoted talking about nto only Transformers 4 but also Transformers 5.  This follows on Michael Bays' comments about handing over the reigns after Transformers 4, using that to set up a new story arc.

Last weekend at the Con X KC in Kansas City, Missouri, actor Glenn Morshower, who has appeared in all three films so far, talked about the continuation of the series. According to Morshower, who provides an introduction to the brand new "Transformers 3D" ride at Universal Studions, Bay and producer Steven Spielberg are not only working on 'Transformers 4', but more than likely 'Transformers 5' as well.
"After I did the opening ceremonies for the ride, Steven Spielberg walked up to me and chatted and said 'You know we've got you set to do the fourth one and probably the fifth one on the heels of that," said on how he was approached about the new sequels. "So, I guess in December we are on our way to making 4 and 5."


Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Monday, 24th September 2012 at 09:39:27 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Huffington Post have recently held an interview with Transformers Director Michael Bay regarding why he choose to return to the franchise, whether Peter Cullen would remain the voie of Optimus Prime and whether the 4th live action movie would ignore the previous 3 and indeed be a reboot or whether it would continue within the same universe.  Below you will find an extract from the interview, which you can find in full here.

Why do you want to do it? I was under the impression that you were done after "Transformers 3"?
I thought I was done. Then the ride came out [at Universal Studios Hollywood] and the two-and-a-half-hour lines. And then you're thinking, Oh my God, someone's going to take this over. And you start doing a lot of soul-searching. Like, OK, I'm about to do a little movie, "Pain & Gain" ... and the studio says they want to restart the franchise. And someone could come in here and screw it up, you know? So I'm thinking that if I do this last one, we set it on a new footing, we change a lot of things -- but we keep the history of the three in place. But we broaden it so it can be set up and be carried on -- it would have a better chance for survival, I guess. You know?

So with the plot of "Transformers 4," it's not like the other three movies didn't happen? It's not a reboot?
No. We're basically taking from the history of where it was -- or where we left it in Chicago. And we're going to carry it on from there.

I spoke to Peter Cullen at Comic Con earlier this year. He said he doesn't know if he's going to be back as the voice of Optimus Prime or not. He'll be back, right?
Of course! Of course.

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Saturday, 22nd September 2012 at 11:13:19 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News have coverage of the UBS Best Of Americas 2012 Conference.  The main thing to come out of this was the quote This is why Transformers 4 will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters


Brian Goldner; President and Chief Executive Officer and Deborah Thomas represented Hasbro at the UBS Best Of Americas 2012 Conference.

Mr. Goldner started off with a video showcasing Hasbro brands including The Hub. Explains Hasbro brands and moved on straight to Transformers.

He stated that they planned to reinvent Transformers after year 2000. Around that time they created a brand blueprint around Transformers; Movies, TV, Games and Licensing.

Brian went onto Financial Stuff. But the Transformers 4 talk was yet to come.

Botshots and Kre-O, both were mentioned under Gamification of Hasbro brands; wanted to take Hasbro games away from being just Board Games.

Merchandising related to Transformers: Prime and Rescue Bots will grow.

Transformers 4 is set to release in 2014. Also, Stretch Armstrong will have a movie series as well as a TV series in 2014. Brian said people are asking about Transformers 4 and Hasbro plans for 2013.

Q&A session started with Brian and Deborah Thomas answering.

Ooh, someone asked why US sales are down? Brian said International sales are good but is trying their best to market Hasbro products in US and Canada.

About Hub? Hasbro owns the rights but Hasbro Studios is creating the content and sending to Hub and other TV Stations to other countries. Other stations pay licensing fees.

Transformers 3 didn’t meet expectations. What about Transformers 4?

Brian says TF3 did well in boxoffice. Regarding toy sales... it’s because of same characters in all three movies. This is why Transformers 4 will have a new cast of [robot] characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters. Brian said Transformers will branch out to more categories. For example; during Transformers 3, they had an idea to expand the Transformers brand on Little Kids segment. This was the origin of Rescuebots said Mr. Goldner. Soon the idea took a separate life and evolved to a separate toyline. He said it’s normal for any brand to experience the situation (what happened to Transformers 3 toyline) and stated that brands need re-imagining, reinvent and hinted that the same is to happen with Transformers 4.

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Wednesday, 12th September 2012 at 07:29:28 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Various online stores including Woolworths are now registering having the previously Wal*Mart exclusive Transformers Dark of the Moon Battle in the Moonlight Cyberverse set as in stock. Priced at £25, the set features redecos of the Optimus Prime playlet, Legion Ratchet and Legion Crankcase.

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Wednesday, 12th September 2012 at 07:23:05 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Cartoon Network have put up an advert showing that the Transformers Movie Optimus Prime truckis touring the UK

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Saturday, 28th July 2012 at 09:19:41 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News board member Sasuke has posted some images of two items from the Universal Studios Hollywood store related to Transformers: The Ride. The first item is an "Energon themed commemorative cup" which you can get when you buy a cream soda.  The cup has a light which flashes to try to make the drink look .... special.  The 2nd item, which we have mirrored below, is a chocolate replica of the Allspark Cube from the Transformers movie!!

The Allspark Chocolate cube

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Wednesday, 13th June 2012 at 07:59:47 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

Universal Studios have announced, via their Twitter feed, that Steven Spielberg will be attending the grand opening of Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios - California tomorrow.

"Tomorrow [9amPST] we're rolling out the red carpet for the grand opening of #TFride! #LIVEupdates! PS. #StevenSpielberg will be there!" Tweeted the studio

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: quartz - on: Thursday, 24th May 2012 at 20:54:43 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News has posted a short interview with Transformers film actor Tyrese Gibson. In the interview he states how much he'd love to return for the 4th installment of the film franchise

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Saturday, 5th May 2012 at 12:30:04 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

Transformers Movie News

According to DreamWorks President of Production Adam Goodman recently spoke to the The Hollywood Reporter about a couple of upcoming projects, one of which was TF4. When asked about the involvement of the previous trilogy's Shia LaBeouf he had this to say:

Ehren Kruger is writing it for us, and we're starting to engage, but I can't say anything more.

Kruger wrote Transformers: Dark of the Moon and collaborated with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Category: Transformers Movie News | Submitted by: Moonbug - on: Thursday, 26th April 2012 at 07:44:26 BST | Share: | Discuss: Read on

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